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  1. I have the same problem, and have seen it mentioned elsewhere too... I thought that there was some talk of a hotfix?
  2. My goalkeeper has just returned from injury, I think his condition is about 80%, and his status says that he is tired. If I play him in a match now will this have any effect on his performance level? Obviously, a goalkeeper's condition level doesn't drop very much during a match as they don't run around very much, but would his tiredness affect concentration levels? I suppose he might be more liable to pick up an injury in game?
  3. Thanks guys... Yes, finances are in a (reasonably) good state so I thought it would be a bit vindictive of the board to cancel what would be a brilliant signing for the club over £500 p/w....
  4. Sorry to bump, but does anyone have experience of breaking their wage budget? I'm concerned this transfer might be cancelled over £500 p/w!
  5. I am currently £29k below my wage budget, and have offered a contract to a free agent. The board will allow me £35k p/w (key player), thus taking me above my wage budget (I've already pushed the wage/transfer budget slider all the way to the wage side, my transfer budget is now £0). We eventually agree on £29.5k p/w, which will just take me above my wage budget with no more room to manoeuvre. I'm assuming the board will let me break the wage budget, otherwise why would they have let me offer £35k p/w? Is there a danger of the transfer being cancelled due to breaking the wage budget or will the board be OK with it, as long as it's only short-term?
  6. When an agent has a low "Fee" attribute, this means presumable that their fee is less important to them in contract negotiations for their client, ie the first agent fee they suggest is lower than an agent with a high "Fee" attribute. However, how does this work with upping their fee in order to secure a lower wage/no clauses etc? Does their low "Fee" attribute mean less of a bribe is needed, or the opposite, due to the fact that their personal gain is not of as much importance to them? Would an agent with a high "Fee" attribute be more receptive to this form of negotiation / agent bribery?
  7. *I've posted this in the FM11 bugs forum, but thought I'd put it here too as I'm not sure if it is a bug!* I'm interested in signing a 17yo Brazilian regen who plays for Corinthians. My scout says he would probably fail to gain a work permit, but would probably be accepted on appeal. Another Brazilian club offered a loan deal (with future fee) for him, which was accepted. I then offered £750k (full transfer) and it was accepted. I offered a contract to him and a few days later got a message in my inbox saying that he had accepted my offer. However, the next message in my inbox was that the player had accepted the loan offer from the Brazilian club too? Now when you click on his profile he is on loan at the Brazilian club until the end of the year with a future fee. However, on the profile screen it says "Awaiting permit for West Ham move", but there is no date for the decision? This has now been the case for 2 (game) months... Is this something to do with it being outside of the transfer window (it was February), or can work permits not be granted to Brazilians until they are 18? Or is this simply a bug?
  8. Hi all, In FM11, when you click on the player position screen it shows a list of how many games the player has played in each particular position and what his average rating is for that position. As someone who's only recently moved onto FM11 (and plays very slowly!) can anyone let me know if this data is only for the current season or does it continue on ad infinitum? Cheers!
  9. Hi, Just wondering how people react to the "Which member of your team will you be relying on to deal with (opposition player X)?" question in pre-match press conferences? Do you just leave it with no comment, thinking that you don't want to give any tactical / teamsheet info, or do you name a player hoping to give him a morale boost due to your confidence in him (or inversely knocking his morale if he can't cope with the pressure?)
  10. Do Relegation Wage Drop clauses only kick in when you are relegated from the division in which the contract was signed? If this is the case then I assume that Relegation Wage Drop and Top Division Relegation Wage Drop are the same thing if you are in the Premier League? Also, I wonder whether putting a Relegation Wage Drop clause into a contract for a new signing might put them off as it show that you're even contemplating relegation?
  11. Appearance Fee

    Who pays the appearance fees when a player is on loan? Is it the same percentage as wages in the loan deal?
  12. Is there any comeback from clicking the "Private chat" button, but immediately clicking the back arrow to get out of it? Just pressed it by mistake and don't want the player to think that I'm ignoring him and get annoyed! I'm assuming that nothing will happen in terms of morale etc until you click a question/point?
  13. I hadn't changed wage budget / transfer budget slider, but I had just spent a lot of money on staff mutual terminations, whilst also conversely freeing up some wage budget by releasing a £40k per week player on a free. As an aside, I had offered a new contract to another young player at the same time (same circumstances) - I went back to see if his demands had changed but they hadn't (they were a lot more reasonable to start with though...)
  14. This is July 2009, his contract was expiring June 2010.
  15. ... same squad status by the way ("Hot prospect")...