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  1. Big Vern 1

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Yep. Just checked in the transfer history screen They had both already played for 2 teams. Must be the reason
  2. Big Vern 1

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Thanks for the reply. This could be the reason. I will need to check it now by signing another player to see what the reason given is. I'm pretty sure the reason for ineligibility was given as "cannot play for 2 teams in one season". I do remember checking to see if any warnings were presented when I offered a contract but I couldn't see anything. Will check and let you know.
  3. Big Vern 1

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    I am currently playing as Anstey Nomads @ Level 10 in the East Midlands Counties League. I am trying to sign players on free transfers from other clubs. When I do so I am told that players cannot play for 2 teams in one season. Do any of you know whether this should be happening. Seems unfair as other teams poach my players on free transfers and are then able to play them.
  4. I'm pleased that's sorted itself out. Keep up the good work Will.
  5. Just a thought, but does this issue have something to do with the rules that can be applied to competitions with regards to seating/standing within the editor? The reason I suggest this is that when Darlington play in a knockout competition game all 4 sides of the ground are populated. When they play in the league (Northern Premier Division 1 North) it appears that only the seats have fans in them (the stand opposite the camera) and the standing sections have no fans at all in them. Is there an option to just have seated fans in a division in the editor that has been activated?
  6. Thanks for the work on the database. I am playing with the Beta file and can report some issues playing as Darlington 1883 in the Northern Premier League 1 North Division. The attendances for all of my home games so far have been exactly 238. This is at odds with a message received earlier in the season that says we have 1500 season-ticket holders. Also, apart from friendlies and knockout competitions, only 1 side of the ground has any fans in it. Have you seen any of these things happening before?
  7. Big Vern 1

    FM Genie Scout 2010

    Or people do not have the knowledge or the spare time....
  8. Big Vern 1

    FM Genie Scout 2010

    I'm sure he will release a version for 10.3 as soon as he can. In the meantime people need to find a different way of rating their players. It's just a shame that FMRTE's rating system is a bit strange. I can only guess that if he receives donations from people who enjoy using Genie then he may be convinced to spend a bit more time updating his program. I have a lot of sympathy with him as my time is currently being mainly used up by a boisterous young child and an ill wife.
  9. Big Vern 1

    FM Genie Scout 2010

    Have a look at the thread on the FM Scout forum. Stam has advised that Eugene is working on this but that his time is limited due to family commitments.
  10. I went to watch Leicester play Newcastle recently at my local pub and got talking to a chap called Pat Kruse. He played in the Football League in the late sixties and seventies and holds the world record for the quickest own goal in the history of the game which he scored with a back header over his own keeper from a long pass played straight from the kick-off. The time? 6 seconds! He seemed quite proud of it aswell.
  11. I have the huge database option set up, and I can confirm that it does still work. It does contain approximately 30,000 players and I found the instructions to get it in the Editors' Hideaway. I can also report, however, that the file slows down the game significantly. Lots of free transfers in the game from weird and wonderful players from places like Madagascar and Reunion to sign, though.
  12. Big Vern 1

    huge database

    Not sure then. All I can tell you is that the panels file that I have works once I deposit it into the file I advised, even after 9.0.3. update. Sorry, I can't remember where I downloaded it from..... Perhaps search for a newer version of the file that you are using??
  13. Big Vern 1

    huge database

    You can take the panels.fmf file and drop it into the following folder if you are using Steam. c/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/football manager 2009/data/updates/update-930/data Huge Database then shows as an option.