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  1. Yeah, an update it's needed, cause everything you wrote it's absolutely fundamental to approach the game in a proper way! Again, compliment for your post, I'll try your suggestions soon in a new 343, can't wait for it!!!
  2. Hi llama3! Tnx for you great post, it helped me a lot during my sessions in fm, but, I'd like to know how can you apply your theories in formations with flat attacking trio like 343 or 433 and the same with diamond (double triangle) formations.
  3. Yours suggestions are precious, but It's a kind of revolution. People plays FM thinkin about sliders since 15 years or more. Be patient!
  4. Surprise-surprise! I'm comin' back, and I'm havin' my revenge! Stay tuned! A mixed approach: keep an eye how ME works, think about football, learn from others managers. And if there's no money...What's worst than playn' against 11 young-starved bas****s? I'll explain everything soon
  5. Ok, I'll play keepin' in mind this, I'll let you know about results! Tnx for your patience!
  6. One week more. If I still beaten 4-0 from Juve Stabia, Cittadella and Lanciano like they're Real Madrid, this year edition will be thrown through the window! I reload a single match again and again, and seems useless change mentality or anything else! And nobody still spend a single word on Doubts I posted, I think there's no so much people that understood the game this year.
  7. I'know, just jokin' a bit 'bout It! I thought about a solution like that, but You know, shape is important but everything I wrote at the beginning of the post is important too! My doubts about Match Engine and how to face him, they put me in the position of not being able to change and experiment as I would like! By the way I tried a a 532 formation with direct passes and everything left in standard position with a fluid game and Balanced mentality, but results wasn't encouraging... N.B. I'm making test in the Challenge mode.
  8. So, I spotted the problem. The only way to solve the problem It's probably a wide-diamond formation?
  9. Hello! First of all thank you for your attention. In some ways, what you say is true, I'm looking for a more direct solution to the problem, I would start as soon as possible to have fun with my favorite game and I assure you, even once you understand the main mechanism, and once in possession of something that "works" , the road due the starting point, it will be anything but short! I thought long and hard about how to bring out the best from my team as it is, so I came to the conclusion that 4231 would be the most appropriate shape: a solid defense (as confirmed by wwfan) a midfield rough, speedy wings (Aprile, and Iunco) and a finalizer (Caputo or Ghezzal), assisted by the cross or by the AMC (Bellomo). Step 1 - Not too far from what I had decided. At the end of a 4411 and a 4231 look alike. Rather, my mistake at that point may have been set everything on the counter rather than possession but with my midfielders seemed to me the most logical choice, but I had never thought of a combination of the type and DMC = Counter AMC = Control. I will think about it. Step 2 - As suggested by wwfan, my midfield is really poor, so it would be better to give the ball on the wings as soon as possible, or give it to the AMC that'll provide useful through ball to the striker. Step 3 - Polenta, De Falco, Aprile or Bellomo and Ghezzal. The first cover, the second recovers and, depending by the action, the third (via cross) or the fourth (maybe with a through pass) unmark Ghezzal (or Caputo) in front of the door. GOAL! Easy. In theory. But there are also opponents on the pitch! Step 4 - Okay, I'll try. Beyond Milanetto as median and a few other alternatives that costs ZERO, I cannot work a lot on the market. As soon as possible, once comfortable with the tactics, I'll sell Ghezzal as soon as possible, since I'm sure I can find better for less money and a much lower salary. Step 5 - Well, if I was perfectly able to do so, I won't started posting like a madman on the forum! The variables are far too many! Count on the strengths or compensate for weaknesses? Why the tactics creator ALWAYS put a deep lying forward and never a poacher in a single striker formation? Everything continues to work if I tweak duties? There are those who make distinctions between roles "normal" and "special" and based on those, changes the "fluidity". Is this correct? Step 6 - These tasks do not change automatically as well as the height of the defensive line and width of the team, when you change the mentality? I suppose the goal is to identify the 2/3 mentality helpful with witch starting games during the entire season, in addition to those useful in desperate situations (all in attack or defense). Step 7 - As according to the old but useful TT & F, consider the mentality of "Counter" and "Control" useful after you have unlocked the result (usually when I was playing with "Balanced" I scored and passed to the "counter-attack", as well as I played in "attack", I passed to "control"). The problem is that this year I have a hard time finding the starting mindset!
  10. Well, I was looking for answers not more questions! 1: Maybe I misunderstood your question, but I suppose that you are asking me to play with more midfielders in front my defs. Well, simply I haven't ball-winning midfielder! It's also a matter of money! I've to grow up Bellomo's stats, so I choose a formation with a TC! 2: I repeat, I'm very scared by Polenta's heading stats and many goals conceded from corner-kicks agree with my suspect! By the way, due to a medium value in pace and acceleration, I'd play with a medium defense line, and a medium/large width due to not concede too many crosses. 3: My team is poor! Most of my doubts are exactly like this. When we spot a weak point in our team It's better tryin' to fill the gap (more men with poor stats) or have I to use less midfielders as possible? 4: Well, in a previous save, I was playin' that way, but you suggest me to play with a short passing style due to bad stats in passing (" I don't know why you think you can play first touch passes with a team bad at passing. "). 5: It's the same at point 3. If my defense seems to be strong, I suppose they will perform well anyway, so I'm focusing on attacking mentality! Moreover, everytime I played FM in a defensive/counter-attack way, CPU overwhelm me!
  11. After years of triumphs, despite the experience, me too, I've been a victim of the new, terrible, FM match engine! Armed with patience and courage, however, as always happens in these circumstances, I have not gave up, and started a careful research on various forums to solve my problems and improve the fortunes of my team: BARI (ITALIAN SERIE B ). The result? About 50 hours of gameplay in a week full of frustration that led to a single answer: the last desperate call for help you are reading! Given the high degree of frustration reached, however, I would avoid that other fall in: sudden mood swings, decreased work performance, repeated purchases ofwireless mouse due to the launch of the same against the wall, etc. ... So I'll try to specify which are the most common questions that every aspiring coach facesduring the start of a game of FM, in particular with regard to the tactical. View as predictable as the desirable participation of wwfan, I will use as a starting point, one of the most important documents that circulate around the network inherent FM13: The 12 steps guide, created by the same wwfan! We'llstart from the team roster for training and tactics that you intend to use. The BARI is practically prevented from engaging new players, so, here you are the players you have to use in your first season. The main problem is represented by the right-back, but also the DCs going to encounter problems because although the three and a half star rating, Polenta do not think so reliable, due to the extremely low values ​​in elevation and header. In addition, the team lacks a real defender-midfielder. At this point comes the NUMBER ONE DOUBT: the team as it is, has no hope of avoid the relegation? Are you forced to intervene in the market? At least in theory, I'd like my BARI would appear such this: Personally I would like to keep possession. Given the high drillability of my defense is better for me to keep the ball. In midfield I would like a game based on the through-ball due to unmark the lone-speedy striker. As the offensive end, the idea is to use Iunco, no it is a natural striker, but it is the fastest player in the team that I have, then maybe I would try to offer him more balls as possible given the low finishing capabilities. Now, as one of the fundamental points of the 12 steps guide provides, we analyze each block of the team, before starting the tactics creator and get into those which are the fundamental questions that every coach has to cope with. DEFENSE - FIRST NOT CONCEDE GOALS I think there is a real relationship between the features provided by the report and the information to be given when creating the same tactic. In particular (gambling): TACKLES My team is 2nd in the league, hence the DOUBT NUMBER TWO: this means that I always use HARD TACKLE or that given the high value, I can use LIGHT TACKLES? SPEED/ACCELERATION Rating mixed. BARI is the first for acceleration but only 14th in speed. Surely these two characteristics will affect my DEFENSIVE LINE. Let me think (it's a little poetic, I know, but I insist, FM is a damn/wonderful GAME, so I assume there is some formula from which to derive the height of the defensive line according to the values ​​arising from the report on the two features. Right? (DOUBT NUMBER 3) MARKING DOUBT NUMBER 4. As for the tackle. My team has a very good value (it's 3rd), it means that I can "relax" with a with ZONE MARKING or that would be useful to take advantage of a MAN MARKING? OR NORMAL? HEAD-SHOTS, ELEVATION, STRENGHT and POSITION As far as the STRENGHT, I suppose could be used for a TIGHT MARKING, but (DOUBT NUMBER 5) other characteristics? Useful for set pieces on defense and therefore useful to understand what kind of pre-game preparation to do? MIDFIELD - GAMES ARE WON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PITCH PASSING Let's start with DOUBT NUMBER 6. My team is 16th in PASSING but I assume that the type of PASSING (DIRECT, SHORT or MIXED) is also linked to TECHNIQUE (7a). LONG SHOTS Here there is no doubt, closely linked to the value of the players. We are in 18th position, better if we are in front of the keeper! CREATIVITY and DECISIONS I assume the option affect CREATIVE FREEDOM, but how? We're 12th in the first and 16th in the latter, not so good. It's appropriate to ask the team to be MORE CREATIVE or use LESS CREATIVITY (cause they cannot be creative). This was DOUBT NUMBER 7. RESISTANCE DOUBT NUMBER 8. I imagine It's directly related to PRESSING. How to behave? We're (disaster) in 21st position, so, shall we have to fill the gap and then PRESS MORE or because we are not able, PRESS LESS? I suppose to think the latter, but opponents do with me what they want if they are not pressed! TEAMWORK. Another feature, another doubt. I guess! It could hit the style of play?!? If so, we're at 19th, so DOUBT THE NUMBER 9 is: we need to be more FLUID to fill the gap or as the team's lacking in teamwork, they'll adapt better with a VERY RIGID formation? ATTACK - YOU'LL NEVER SCORE IF YOU DON'T SHOOT! FINISHING and LONG SHOOTS 17th and 12th in place. These are individual characteristics, so It's easy. Rather, how do you bring out the best from an attack like this? ANTICIPATION and OFFENSIVE MOVEMENT 15th and 9th. Here I've to suppose again. It's connected with the FREE ROLES of the player? How to act? (DOUBT NUMBER 10). Or anticipation may have to do with the amount of CROSS that You've to try from the wings? (DOUBT 10/BIS) SPEED/ACCELERATION and HEADING/ELEVATION. It probabily define the kind of assists We're providing to our man in the box. We are 14th and 14th in the first and 18th and 8th in the latter. Guess that with different players, I would know what to do! Last but no least...DOUBT NUMBER 11: MENTALITY SETTING! Ok, I know, the main idea It's RISK/REWARD, but I suppose more things are involved, like board expectation and opponents style of play. Let's think about BARI. The board expect to be in the higher zone of the table, so I suppose teams will play against me with a DEFENSIVE mentality that I'll have to face with an ATTACKING mentality. Isn't so? Or will mentality be related to the style of play I've chooses for my team?
  12. @wwfan: just reorganizing with detailed screenshot. I'll open a thread soon. @leocrumb: nice suggestions, but too many things to look at! I'm not lookin' a p&p tactic, but team talk and OI cannot have a so vital relevance, it would take too many time to prepare every single match!
  13. Still not work. Mentalities, Shouts, Frameworks, Sliders. Everything seems to be USELESS. My team still get MASSACRATED. Point ONE "There's a way I can SAVE my bench using my team (BARI)"??? Cause if I've spent almost 50 hours in the last week for some kind of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE somebody MUST tell me. Point TWO If the answer to the point ONE was "YES" the second question is "May I save my team with my idea of 4231"? Point THREE If also the answer to the point TWO was "YES" (hurra, may I still buy FM this year too!!!) my next question is: "HOW"? Guys, the point is quiet simple. FM It's A GAME. A GAME can be ultra realistic but still remain A GAME. So there are many ways to make FM funny for everyone. I've got fun for more almost 20 years but I suppose you're on a crossroad. - Introduce a difficulty level. - Introduce something that suggest where "the manager" is wrong and why he's not having success. For example introduce somekind like a summary after being sacked, that explain 1 or 2 tips that could avoid some defeat that cost the bench! I know that the GAME has got many way that suggest You're performig bad like a 6-0 humiliating defeat miraculous comebacks (2-0/2-3 It's a classic!) scenario like You take the lead but CPU scores at the first chance. No time to think about park the bus or look for the 2nd Or moreover You are performing well, adjusting sliders maniacally and CPU scores with a corner. Or by a penalty given after a corner. but (personally) I don't think It's funny being constantly victim of this with never gettin' some kind of explanation! There are many of this "scenario" and really, I'm not sayin' that "IT'S PRE-CALCOLATED" "CPU IT'S CHEATING" but simply, isn't funny. FM has reached a HUGE complexity, variables are so many, so something similar TT&F is NEEDED. 15 days ago, I start thinkin' that with the right settings every kind of soccer-style could take me to success (or to the defeats), a wonderful GAME that gives you infinite possibilities and way to lead, by the "old school" CATENACCIO, by the zonal marking of SACCHI, the new 4231 by Heynckes or the beautiful TIKI-TACA by Guardiola. I was wrong. Cause isn't possible that a almost 20 years user touchin' almost anything after the TC work, gets a streak of 10 poor games. Or something must give some explanation. Detailed.
  14. My idea of play. I'd like to play possession in the back of the pitch, and continuously tryin' through ball by the TC or from the wings. How about settings and shouts? UPDATE The team seems to work better starting the game with a COUTER ATTACK mentalities, ad OVERLAP, MORE PRESS, PASS IN SPACES and PLAY TROUGH THE MIDDLE shouts.
  15. 2 years plan: 1st year - Avoid being sacked, with -7 points the playoffs are unreachable! There're no money, so I'm forced to adapt to the player I've got. The board wants me on the first half of the league. 2nd year - Sell someone who did well in the previous season a build a good counter-attack 4231 using good pace/cross skilled wings.
  16. Yeah! I think that everything's listed in the 12 STEPS could be good, but It's also important which interpretation It's given by the guy who's reading the comparisons stats. I admit that my decision about passing style was a big mistake, and maybe the same happened with the "low teamwork/very rigid formation" system. I'll appreciate more suggestions with a clear explanation involving every decision cause I'm sure that the right interpretation of comparisons stats It's the key to success in this version of FM!
  17. Ok, now I'm getting tired of this. I'm sorry, but It's about a week that I'm tryin' to understand the "new way to play FM" but my team still collapse under tons of goals, no matter what I do. I'd like to take my homeland (Bari) to glory but this seems to be impossible. Ok, my team start with -7 points, but odds always says that my team's favourite in the next game (so I assume to create a tactic with an OFFENSIVE mentality by the TC). Let's point to the middle of the pitch. Bari's got: - 2nd best tackling defenders of the league so I use to HARD TACKLE - 19th pass skill, high technique (2nd) low resistance (20th), poor creativity (16th), poor team play (20th). I assume that I've to play with FIRST TOUCH passes, LOW PRESSING, POOR CREATIVITY and with a VERY RIGID TEAM. - Attack is only 6th at elevation and 15th in pace, so I use a 4231 formation (DL DC DC DR - CC CC - WL TC WR - PC) with DRILL CROSSES to my only striker. The result it's that is very difficult go through Christmas, so I'm here to get some suggestions, cause I'm tired in winning tons of Champion's League with Juventus and I'd like to make Bari one of the greatest team in Europe!
  18. Hi TBH, I've read many posts regarding your tactics, but now I feel a little bit confused. The last pack supplied at the start of this post, talk about "plug and play", this means that I've only to sit down and take care about sustitutions or I've to change the mentality in relationship with the match events ? So 2 little dubts: how many time did you spend with the same tactic before changing it to avoid that AI break it and in the FLAT 442 wich man you carry out if you remain with 10 men. Tnx for the support, I've played FM2011 with big teams winning everything using TT&F2010 but I'd like to carry a minor squad to the success and I've noticed that this year this is harder than ever cause I can't do better than the 10th place in Serie A with Brescia. May I upload my savegame to you in some way so You can give me more suggestions ? Best regards, Daniele
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