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  1. Mmm...A screen with formation and roles and TI would be appreciated to provide help
  2. Yeah, but like I said before It's everything but not perfect. I'll try to do better in next season !
  3. And before posting the results of the end of the season, I'd like to thank everybody who gave support in this post ! We are in Champion's League ! Not only...We could almost won the title but we had 2/3 unlucky matches (Empoli, from 1-0 to 2-1 due to a sent off...A late gol of Napoli that cost me a draw and a 0-0 at home vs Genoa). But everything is perfect ? Everything works ? No, there are many issues to look at and I need some support in "reading the match engine". For example: - My striker (but inside forward too) collect too many offsides. - Inside forward doesn't score so much even if alway say them to play more in the center of the pitch. I've to admit that (how you can imagine looking at tactic screen...) they are not natural inside forwards, but just wingers adapted to that role that plays on opposite foot side. Could this be reason? - Overlaps are naturals and I've no need to put that to extreme using the properly TI, but too many times my wingback crosses are stopped so I simply collect I huge number of useless corners. - Still conceding a lot when opposition start to overlap. I've also tried to go counter in a 451(M) formation but in the best case I still keep the lead without collect any goal chance. Any suggestion, especially for points 1 and 3 ?
  4. Few changes: On the flanks, changed the IF to a Support Duty. Back on the Flexible system, that gave me better results in the pas seasons. Be less aggressive with TI. And so... As you can see, I changed just a pair of settings and I had a huge improving even if now I can't get the same big results in a row a had in the beginning...Now let's play a very important game vs Bologna, so I'll explain other issues I'm experiencing...Why so "important" ? Well...
  5. "The wind of change" it's probably coming I'll post some result with some explanation attached this afternoon or tomorrow ! Stai tuned !
  6. Ok, probably you are assuming that in an attack minded formation there's no need to press more and play with an higher d-line...I agree, but I was looking for something that make me dominate the game and gave me the result to build 15/20 chance for a game vs 7/8 so I tried to change things maybe in a too extreme way.
  7. Sounds good, but probably I'll try a set with 2 support wingback and 2 support inside forward. With 2 fullbacks on attack I'm scared that their main duty could leave too many freedom to the opposite wingers...
  8. Ok, I see, so I suppose it's a matter of unbalanced duties. I suspected about that, but I thought a 343 duty mix was good enough also because I haven't sides completely attack minded, but maybe I was wrong and this surely explain why my AP continuously try to launch in a nonsense way. About my midfield...well many guides talk about sitter, runner and attacker so that was the reason I setted roles in that way. I'll try changing duties and take a look at what is happening on the pitch.
  9. Well...It's called "discussion" so let's discuss hoping to learn something. What's wrong with attacking mentality combined with a fluid shape? I'd like to take back the ball as fast as I can, so if I loose the ball I can't just sit and watch the opposite team keeping the ball all the time waiting for the final whistle, so I try to reduce space and press them. Why this sounds so strange?
  10. UPDATE Juventus - Bari 7-0...What a shame, but I did a huge mistake. It was my fault. Bari - Cagliari 1-0...1-3 Panic again, still conceding from flanks, not crosses but trough passes like a blade in the butter. Shape too large? My midfield concede too freedom? This continuous won/defeat makes me really confused...
  11. Yeah, I know, my english could have that effect ! With more pressing, highest d-line and overlaps things seems going better. Won 3 at home (not easy games with Fiorentina, Sampdoria and a strong Udinese) and lost 2 (Roma and Milan but playing a very good soccer), but, most important thing, I keep the game in my hand, conceding 2 goals from distance against Roma (1-2 I had the lead till 65') and 2 goals from the same side to AC (0-2). Come on, let's improve this season !
  12. Hi guys ! I'm back here...New FM, new issues ! Well, not properly, I got many successes in FM15 but this time I'm experiencing some difficult that I'd like to clarify before go trough my key season. Everything started with Bari, my hometown, a promotion at the first season take me to the Serie A, one relegation avoided, 2 season in Europa League very good transfer moves and...back to the middle of the Serie A and now forced to qualify to the Europa League to keep my place at the club. Well, this is not impossible to reach, now I got a very good team with 3/4 stars in every position and a good backup, something like 70M/€ and a team with the average age of 22 years...But still struggling and this year I can't fail, so I've to ask help from the guru's of this forum Let's keep an eye to the team, to the system, to the issue, and let's build a winning club fixing bugs in my tactic ! Ok, here's my idea: a 4-3-3 Attack minded where (plan A) main scorers are the 2 inside forwards, plan B will see the wingback provide mixed crosses to my incredible striker (Dzaferovic it's a 2.02 beast...) or to my faster inside forwards cutting on the first or on the second post. I'd like to play fast and direct (I hate tiki-taka, just thinkin' about it when I'm leading at least 2-0 and I want to keep things safe without parking the bus...). So I setted up an attack with 2 inside forward attack minded supported from a complete forward. In the middle a "sitter" (The Defensive Midfielder, Darlan),that stay back and keep an eye on the flanks when the winback pushes a "runner" (Escalante, a box-box mid) and the "attacker" (The Advanced Playmaker, Lulic...wow, seems a Q.Tarantino's movie-intro!!!) that should provide different kind of play cover the space in font of them. On the back, a pretty standard four line, with 2 wingback (support, in origins they was on "attack" but in the first year of Serie A I understand that there was a party every sunday on my flanks ) and 2 standard central defenders. For first, like I learned here by the "grandmasters" wwfan, cleon, RTHerringbone and Rashidi (please, think about subtitle your fantastic guides...) let's keep an eye to the team report... TEAM STATS DEF STATS MID STATS ATT STATS Like you can see, I build something good in this club...Let's think now about these stats and let's go to the chalkboard. Let's start from what Team Stats suggests to me. Teamwork ("Gioco di squadra") make me think about a Fluid formation (also useful to reduce the gaps on the flanks and from the midfield to the striker), my team is strong ("forza") so I choose to tight-mark and, a very good value on Pace and Acceleration in the Defs Stats ("Velocità e Accelerazione") should allow me to keep my d-line a little more higher than normal. So let's think at the middle...I told I wanna play direct but without waste balls from the deep with continuos long passes, so I activate "Start building from defence", I told them to be more creative due to a good value in decisions (in both team and mid stats) and after some match with a very low ball-possesion (about 40%) I switched on mixed passes with a standard speed (that on attack minded team is anyway faster then normal). In attack I suppose anything it's contextual. Let me explain better. My team has good skill in decision, two inside forwards are faster and could use trough passes at the same time the should be capable to Run at defence so I choose at the end of the first half what to do if goal chances are lacking. Usually I look at the stats at what kind of goals usually they conceed so I choose that pattern. They conceed lots of goals from crosses? I choose "use flanks" and cross, more. They conceed goals from middle passes? Well, "use center" and "more trough passes". I think this make sense. I think this should work...And easily with the team I got. No man. It won't. I'm now trying to follow some of the suggestion in the post "The art of Attacking Football" where a more large team (but I'm attack minded..My team is already large) and more pressing (that takes all my players at a strenght of 70% in the last 20 minutes of every match) and see what I got, but let's see commons issue I'm experiencing and how I suppose to react. 1 - First of all can't dominate weaker teams. Often got a very low ball-possession also versus weak teams and the worst part of this is that when a concede a goal they can easily keep the ball and deny any chance of score with a ball-possession that easily reach 60%. Possible solutions: press-more, d-line higher, change the role of my Complete Forward to a Defensive Striker with support duty. 2- Conceding goals. In the 3rd match of this season I was playing versus Livorno (respect, but isn't exactly play vs Juventus...) so I think about an easy game. At the 9 minute we were already on a 0-2 with 2 goals conceded by crosses using a high d-line and a normal (that I suppose is anyway large) shape. Really can't understand this...I'll switch to a large shape but I'm sure that I'll start to concede tons of goals by trough passes. 3- Central Defenders Instructions. They are young, they are strong they are 4 star rated. Wow. If I set the old good tight-marking/hard-tackle/press more combo everything should work and opponent striker should not see the ball in 90 minutes...Well, not exactly, still conceding more than I expect. 4- The big illusion. The hateful trick...I build 15 chances and finally I score...But immediately they draw. Ok, they react but it depends by the team. I could accept to switch on "Counter" with biggest team, but I expect to kill lower sides that switch on "Attack" in the last 15 minutes with 2 goals more. So, here we are, clearly I don't wan't a plug&play tactic, simple I'd like to understand were and why my decisions are bad and my system it's failing. Hope you all can save my bench !
  13. Well, this is very interesting, cause i'm trying to make something extremely similar but I'm a little bit struggling at the moment. I'd like to know what do you (and in particular what Cleon think...) about that 3 players attack-minded on the same side...
  14. Ok, I'll wait for some update! Tnx for the support ! Daniele
  15. Ok but there's no way I can get a txt and take a print-out?
  16. Usually from the "Comparison" screen...Useful to have a print-out of my team's strengths and my team's weaknesses to design and adapt a tactic...
  17. Simply print doesn't seems to work. OSX El Capitan - Samsung Express Printer I select Print - Printer and nothing happens. Also It's impossible to obtain a text file, the only thing I got It's an rtf unreadable file.
  18. Ok, my system: Gk/d Wb/a bpd/d cd/d wb/s cmd/d dlpm/s (on the midfield line not on the dm line) W/s apm/s rd/a Af/a I play a possession based football, short pass/build play from defence/tight marking/hard tackling (my defense should be one on best in the league), control/fluid. My team is Wolfsburg, the board expectations are an Europa league qualification but I know I could get more from the team. I spotted some problem: the team create many chance (often 30 shots per match) but tends to collapse after a lead or in the second half when cpu tend to be more aggressive changing is formation. Switching to counter attack (without using tight marking and hard tackle) sometimes I preserve the result, but I shouldn't suffer like I do. I've seen that often the af tends to be isolated, and the Remdeuter tends to score rarely then I expect. What do you suggest? I was thinking about a change of fluidity (balanced) that could fit better to a multi strata formation with some specialist, or switching the apm/s to an apm/a with a completeforward/s. Waiting for your reply, Daniele
  19. Hi llama, A little question about "pairs and combination article" In the fm14 version you said that is not a good idea to use a wb/a winger/s combo cause this will concede lots of counter attack, but in the fm15 version at page 14 or 15 you include that combo anyway. I'm using a 4231 on the left I use a wb/s Remdeuter/a combo, what do you think about the combo on the right side (obviously protected in the middle by a cm/d)?
  20. Excellent, I did something like that in AC MILAN and It works perfectly, but as I said, I'd like to build something that can count on both IF. Do you think that a F9 (cause He drops deep) and a TREQUARTISTA (moves into spaces) could well supply 2 IF (both on Attack)? Do you think could It work? Which kind of midfield would you use?
  21. Hi again LLama3! I was waitin' for your reply, but fair enough As you answered to James 9, you told that the 2 players on the MC strata have to be defensive minded, but in the "AMC triangle" your suggestions were about one on defence and one on support. Or were you just suggesting to use a different combination like a dlp (sup) and mc(def) to avoid role like BTBMid and BWMid that often leaves spaces due an high pressure on the opponents? Anything about my questions? What about the decision of James9 to use "Retain possession" in a CounterAttacking Mentality?
  22. Hi llama3, I'm not so confident with strike partnership cause maybe It's less clear (for me) to understand how to apply your suggestions that use a single striker. I've setted up a very good 4-4-2 following yours guide, but I'm facing lots of problems in the construction of one of my favorite shapes: the 4-2-3-1. My idea of play It's an offensive formation, with high defensive line, 2 players in the middle and 2 inside forwards on the flanks supported by a lonely striker and a man at the AMC line. Shape it's strange, cause It's flat till the midfield but become a multi-strata formation from the middle up to the striker. Is this a chance to use a mixed passing system, more direct in defense and shorter upfield, trying to use a central penetration with more trough-balls? Does a rigid system suits better than a fluid system in a shape like this? In this complex system, where's the partnership? It's an offensive triangle with an attacking trio (as I suppose) o I've to think at a dual wide system supported by a creator-scorer system (AMC/ST). How can I jell a dual wide system that is also a part of an attacking trio? Hope to hear soon your opinions!
  23. Well, i didn't thought to assign a 0,5 value to the roles that could be defined either specialized or not, this is really interesting. Moreover remember that for me isn't a simple reading cause I've to translate all the llama3 and wwfan's stuff!
  24. ...and it's working? I'm asking for it cause I see many specialized roles playing in a fluid way that maybe is contradictory.
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