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  1. If I simply would like to won, probably I'll go through that way. But I Ike to develop systems, create tactics so I'll never play FM in that way. Again, what I blame, more than ever is the huge unbalance between CPU and user. During my posts on this forum I was (obviously) playing FM and I turned to full match highlights. I spotted that Atalanta were playing a lot through the middle and tight a little my formation. BANG! Their midfielder explodes a shoots from 25 meters BANG! They scored from a corner. GAME OVER after 30 minutes. Think at the opposite, can CPU came back in a game you're leading 2-0. Yeah, they can, almost always, even with poor teams.
  2. Ok, maybe my english it's a little bit rusty. Define "comprehensive highlight". I use detailed/extended and not "key moments", but on the forums someone suggested that the only way to spot CPU moves was "Full match" mode. Can't do that. I'm not blaming the game because I'm not winning, I'm simply trying to say that is it one of unbalanced chapter ever.
  3. Well, maybe it's not. This cutted me out. Can't stay on my chair and see 2 games in 3 hours. If REALLY fm became this, I'm forced to quit.
  4. No, I can use comprehensive highlights when I'm building the tactics, but the game can't overpunish me just because I can't spot every single microchange that CPU does during the game because is it too unbalanced! CPU with the rights move can score 3/4 goals! You can't! Or better, You can but You've are FORCED to change something even vs a relegation battler that you're beating 2-0 after 10 minutes. Not funny, not realistic, frustrating.
  5. Oh, I tried to do that, but You're forced to make excellents changes and MAYBE you'll collect a draw. Do the wrong thing and CPU will punish You in 5 minutes...
  6. This is crazy!!! I like to start with a team in the lowerest league, buying yong people and let them grow up with the club. Can you imagine how many years of play I've to spend to achieve something looking every single game in extended mode? To learn "when to microchange"? Coooooome on!!!
  7. It's too unbalanced. "in that match" Catanzaro's fullbacks turned into Maldini and Dani Alves!!! How many times this happen vs the CPU? It's too easy for CPU to react to us, we can't react as the game does with us! I wanna play 4231, were's the fun if the game forced me to turn to a deeper 42211? And ok, I could accept it but in 3/4 games in a season not in every single game! I should destroy Akragas not sweat and defending against a late goal! Come on!
  8. Ok stop. Everybody's repeating the same thing..."You have to adapt...You have to do this...Microchange..."...Yeah, sounds funny, if this is true for CPU too! You press aggressively for about 3 matches, your team can do and you get 3 wins in a row, CPU react and Ferarpisalò on Novara became suddenly capable to dribble like Barcelona and Real Madrid players. "you have to look at your players, their abilities, and use them". Wow, funny. Great dribblers and explosive speed so I can go with my wingers...It's only Italian serie B, they're the best in the league, so I'll have a flawless victory with ATTACK ON THE FLANKS, RUN AT DEFENCE...And I'm playing at Catanzaro, their fullback are slow, they won't stop me. Catanzaro - Bari 2-0 Funny. Realistic. So, "microchange wizards" tell us, when should we change? How? And, moreover...WHY if mine is the best team in the league???? Isn't better to admit that...Well "Honestly isn't the best FM ever"? Byyyyyyeeeeeeeeee
  9. Hi ! I'd like to use FM on my Linux Mint Cinammon 17.3 partition too, but after the titles screen, when I should select the NEW GAME option the screen became black and I can only perform an hard quit. My video driver is NVIDIA940.96-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 Any suggestion ? Tnx in advance ! Daniele -------------------------------------------- Ok, I've seen that there's an unsolved issue at this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/443484-FM-2016-blank-screen-after-loading Tnx anyway...
  10. Really sorry I didn't keep an eye before ! I'll try surely tomorrow and report...
  11. When I try to login I simply bet a blank screen...Only twitter seems to work, there's any problema with pop-ups ?
  12. THE END OF STRUGGLING ! Wow, what a season... I was the first one but a series of four games without a victory cost me the championship lead. With two games left to play they had left the direct clash against Juventus and insidious away match against AC Milan. After dominating at home against Juve (2-0) I recovered the championship lead, comes an incredible match played on the counter! We take the lead after 2 minutes, but at 3rd Grill, my unhappy and already signed to ManCity left-back was sent off for a killer-useless-tackle !!! Step to 4-4-1! Juventus on the 19th is already 3-0 against Sampdoria when Darlan, one of my two midfielders throws a bomb from outside the box! 2-0! The second half opens with 3-0 scored in the 48th, 71 minutes Milan tried to scare me but at 77th comes the 4-1 and not even 4-2 at the 78° can't now to scare me ... The Bari finally won the Italian Serie A after an incredible game played vs Milan in 10 versus 11! Everybody's helps me on the forum but I really give this victory to Loversleaper ! His suggestions on mentalities have greatly helped me and could take me to write a post titled "spot the mentality" after checking some tactical mechanisms in the coming seasons. But the work is far from finished, the tactics created allowed me to win by adapting the team instructions to the qualities of my players but without showing me the kind of soccer that I'd like to see. Next year I'd like to see faster games, more one-twos and triangles...Any suggestions would be appreciated, also because I often get confused about passing and speed of play cause often I see people playing in a contradictory way like Fast/short passing...
  13. Now I'm really busy with my season, maybe I simplyfied the concept but I hope you didn't misunderstood what I said about your post (GREAT) ! He's helping me more than my post above could suggest !
  14. Ok guys but the time with which the AI react is really ridicoulus !!! I'm taking a look at the thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/448703-Tactical-Central-amp-Insight-FM-2016 cause I found it very useful... it puts the game in a "rock paper scissors" way and in some ways it works cause I used something similar in FM13 (maybe)...But the problem is that if you spot the right mentality ypou need 7/8 chance to score a gol...You keep the eye at the opponent tactic widget...They change mentality and immediately they'vo got a chance before you can change your mentality to counter AI...BANG ! 1-2..Game over...
  15. Ok time for frustration as arrived. We read guides, we see movies and everithing we got it's "keep it simple, do not overcomplicate". So I did a try. A 4-4-2, play direct, wide...nothing too complex just fullbacks, wingers, target man...Even an idiot should be capable to set up properly and, with a team that's got all the player 3/4 star rated play decently and reach a position between 1st and 4th. Noway...At home 0-0 Vs Galatasaray and they shoots 19 times !!! Probably I did something wrong, but maybe the game is not easier like someone that knows how the ME works it's trying to suggest.I'm not havin' fun this year...
  16. Here you are. These are movements for my WB/IF. I'll post movements of my CF...Looking at that, I'm not sure is it the role I'm looking for, cause he moves everywhere, but maybe it's better if he simply stay in the box linking with midfield when needed without moving on the flanks... This refers to the match vs Sporting, where the issue was more easy to seek...
  17. This could be interesting. I never look at that stuff...I'll post it later, now I'm at San Nicola's stadium! Come on Bari !
  18. I'll tell you one thing. You are already attack minded, so you don't need to got 3 attack minded players. Look what kind of goals are you suffering and try to let that side more covered.
  19. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh ! Not the start I expected ! The draft gave me a difficult match vs Sporting to access at the Champion's League groups. It was only 1-2 at home so I expect to play Europa League (again) if there won't be a miracle in Lisbona...Damn. After that a non-easy game vs Brescia (I expected it was easier...) with this stats: These are exactly what I don't want to see: only 5/14 shots on target, basically no clear cut chance and far away from the 50% of shots on target usually we should looking for. I spotted something about tackling...Usually looking at the match engine I saw my wingback miss the tackle so the opposite winger can have lot of fun. What I did ? Fine-tune their tackle on normal and not on "Stuck-In" had a good result. But remains that 2 big issues...Why my CF it's often in offside ? Why crosses attempt of my WB and IF are often blocked ? What ME it's hardly trying to explain ? Any ideas and cooperation would be appreciate...
  20. I've to thank RTHerringbone mostly. My best issue was corrected taking a look on the flanks and selecting a support duty to my inside forwards. It's surely not the only way to solve the problem but that worked for me.
  21. Well...I've got a "deja vu" sensation... Look at my thread "the art of struggling". Formation It's almost the same.
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