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  1. 3 ore fa, Jimmy Wong ha scritto:

    @Daniele77Thank you for letting us know. Would you be able to let us know what OS are you're using, please?

    As for your "black pitch" issue, it looks like it is another issue (match engine related) so it would be best if you can create a thread on the Match Engine forum - https://community.sigames.com/forum/650-match-engine/


    I left Mac MacSpecf in the previously attached file, but I can post a pic if You're more comfortable.


    Schermata 2019-05-29 alle 13.31.19.png

  2. ....mmmh...Something really unpredictable seems ruining my season...Just after the mid-season pause, I played 2 matches at home...



    I know CPU adapt, they recognize me as a better side and everything else. But this seems too much...


    Let's back to the analysis screenshots and let's find a solution.


    Trapani destroyed my "30 match unbeaten" record with a heavy 0-4 !!!

    Looking to the above data the only thing I can realize is that they've played with long pass to avoid my high press. Or my players were drunk because can't be possible this debacle after dominating my league for 22 matches.

    My best error went think that "was only a match"...



    Olbia - Juve Stabia 0-2

    After 2 matches the passed from -8 to -2 so they've opened the league again.

    Someone got any idea to keep the league lead ? Drop down the pressing line ? No more "Prevent Keeper distribution" instruction ?



  3. 14 ore fa, Experienced Defender ha scritto:

    Tactic in the first place. You explained some of the roles and instructions, but not all. For example, which role is your AMC (T-so)? And which role is your left striker (CAat)? And your keeper (PoLso)? 

    Which team instructions do you use other than those you already mentioned? What style of passing, tempo, width etc...?

    Usually I follow mentality styles of play, so I'm on Positive, with standard Width and standard passing.

    Schermata 2019-05-06 alle 23.39.33.png

  4. Hi everybody,

    I'm facing up my second season with Olbia (Italian Serie C - compared to English 1st Division), in my first season I was predicted to fight to avoid relegation and reached playoffs quarter finals, in this one I've to fight for the playoffs even if I feel that I can do better.

    In order to carry my team to the legend I chose a 3412 formation, with Positive mentality, because I don't want to concede many chance to my opponents, so, "since I've got possession, they can't score" :)

    I'm performing fine, well, I can't imagine that this year Rende and Juve Stabia started to play as Barcellona and Real Madrid , but generally I'm happy of my team result.


    Sure, perfection is far away from here, so I decided to ask some help here on the forum, aiming to the promotion via playoff (really can't keep Rende's rhythm, even because now I'm getting lots of injuries...) or at least next year.

    As I told before, the system is a Positive 3412.

    My defenders are very fast, so I play with Highest D-Line with a High Line of Pressing, trying to prevent opposite keeper short passing.

    In possession I like to star patiently from the back and in transition I use counter-press. This system gave me a record of 20 unbeaten match. 



    Some info on the roles I choosed.

    No-one of the defenders is a Ball Playing defenders due the category I'm facing at the moment.

    In the midfield I've got A Deep Lying Midfielder that must construct play from the back, a Standard Midfielder (Attack minded) that must provide movements from the deep and an Attacking Midfielder with 2 Wingback (One on "Attack" and covered by my DLP and the other on "Support" duty.

    A pretty standard attack close everything: Classic Centre Forward with a Deep Lying Forward combo.

    Well, as I said before, I concede rarely, often I'm capable to dominate, but I've spotted 2/3 issue, and I'd like to correct asap, also thanks to the Analysis stuff.

    First of all - Poor central penetration

    711238811_Schermata2019-05-03alle15_09_22.thumb.png.ea28da2b7e288d51b5f86158d771a176.png     1295183237_Schermata2019-05-03alle15_09_07.thumb.png.a9e7e6ba7d0045893db04cf9757033db.png


    Yeah, as you can see above, I'm very disappointed by my attack trio movements, I'd like to see my AM and my DLF in a deeper position, in order to create "another triangle" right in front of opponent area

    Second - Reading match engine suggestion

    Another issue I've spotted is that during the game the match engine shows repeatedly 2 circumstance that I'd like to correct:

    1 - Too often I see my Left Defender and my DLP passing the ball 5/6 times without building anything good.

    2 - My left CD too many times tends to launch the ball to my CF that fall in offside. Well, to be honest 2/3 times the plan went good and my striker beat the offside trap, but is it something I hate f.e. on 0-0 at 60' to see my striker falling in the offside trap 3/4 times in 10'.

    Ok, what to do now ?

    Ok, as I told before, many injuries are hitting me harder than ever, so my dream to be promoted arriving 1st has vanished...I'm 9 pts down after 30 matches, so it's time to try something new in order to try winning playoff or (at least) dominate next season.

    Any ideas ? For example in the middle I can use a different couple of midfielders. A standard midfielder on defend duty with a roaming regista ? Keeping my DLP with a BBM ?
    And what about the "High-Triangle" ? May I reach it with a more aggressive AM ? And my CF partner ? Why he's staying so back ?

    Any suggestion will be accepted, at the same time I'll try by myself :) 


  5. It will concede space in behind on the flanks, but to be honest in fairness lots of other legitimate systems will do that too. I still don't like the prospect of them occupying the same space, but it's personal choice.

    As for recommending for the right side - what team, what players, what else have you decided on, what style of play, etc etc?

    Ok, my system:


    Wb/a bpd/d cd/d wb/s

    cmd/d dlpm/s (on the midfield line not on the dm line)

    W/s apm/s rd/a


    I play a possession based football, short pass/build play from defence/tight marking/hard tackling (my defense should be one on best in the league), control/fluid. My team is Wolfsburg, the board expectations are an Europa league qualification but I know I could get more from the team.

    I spotted some problem: the team create many chance (often 30 shots per match) but tends to collapse after a lead or in the second half when cpu tend to be more aggressive changing is formation. Switching to counter attack (without using tight marking and hard tackle) sometimes I preserve the result, but I shouldn't suffer like I do.

    I've seen that often the af tends to be isolated, and the Remdeuter tends to score rarely then I expect.

    What do you suggest? I was thinking about a change of fluidity (balanced) that could fit better to a multi strata formation with some specialist, or switching the apm/s to an apm/a with a completeforward/s.

    Waiting for your reply,


  6. Hi llama,

    A little question about "pairs and combination article"

    In the fm14 version you said that is not a good idea to use a wb/a winger/s combo cause this will concede lots of counter attack, but in the fm15 version at page 14 or 15 you include that combo anyway.

    I'm using a 4231 on the left I use a wb/s Remdeuter/a combo, what do you think about the combo on the right side (obviously protected in the middle by a cm/d)?

  7. I saw your post at work, then completely forget about it the next morning when I finished my night shift. Sorry about that. Onto that in a sec...

    Regarding the defensive minded thing - a CM(S), DLP(S) or BBM(S) can sit in that pairing well enough - the former 2 are conservative enough getting forward, the latter is hard working enough defensively to use as well. A CM(D), DLP(D), BWM(D) (sometimes) are the better options as the defensive player. Sometimes you have to break or bend your own rules a little. Within a 4-2-3-1 I normally use CM(D) & DLP(S) to sit deep enough and cover. I would only use a BWM & BBM if the pairing next to them was defensively hard working enough, and if it suited the opposition.

    Retain Possession is something I am cautious of. I think that it is being used alongside Counter for the general approach of keeping hold of the ball, and the mentality structure that counter allows. Personally I don't mix the 2, but Cleon has and done well out of it.

    As for your previous post...

    It is a very complex system to get right, but very variable at the same time. You can play it quite direct or use it for possession. Pressing or Countering - frankly, a lot works with it. The "partnerships" are what you choose them to be. For example - you could choose to identify your AML-STC-AMR as a "front 3" and make your AMC selection based on what you have chosen for your front 3. Or, you could choose to form a partnership with your AMC-STC instead, and then base your wide players around the supply, and what you want from your full backs. You will tend to have an obvious player or 2 that you want to build your system around - so at Swansea for example, you will have Michu & Bony as very obviously stand-out players. So naturally you would look and find a partnership that suits them. Maybe SS(A) & CF(S) - then choose the other options to serve them best - maybe 2 wingers (1 S 1 A) as you don't want to crowd the 2 forwards out. Then I could go back to my central midfield pairing, and decide that a BBM might be preferable as the support player, because you need another player that offers a little creativity in the middle & final thirds that Michu won't be offering as a Shadow Striker...

    So you see how 1 decision affects another - look at your team, identify the most important players and components - then find how they can fit together well & the other players can link in with them. Many clubs have such pairs through the team:

    Man Utd - van Persie & Rooney (then subsequently how to link Mata & Januzaj)

    Arsenal - Ozil & Giroud (then subsequently Walcott too)

    Chelsea - previously the "3 amigos"

    Man City - Aguero & Negredo

    etc etc

    Excellent, I did something like that in AC MILAN and It works perfectly, but as I said, I'd like to build something that can count on both IF.

    Do you think that a F9 (cause He drops deep) and a TREQUARTISTA (moves into spaces) could well supply 2 IF (both on Attack)? Do you think could It work?

    Which kind of midfield would you use?

  8. Most teams that play possession football are not set up in a strict fashion though. Possession football is about good movement and passing options. Rigid will restrict players to certain jobs in the team. Really not sure what you are trying to say or achieve.

    Wow that was a marathon post! There are several ways to achieve what you want with each system, but the basic pointers for each system are:

    4-2-3-1 You central midfield pairing should be defensively minded. Be very wary of having a BWM and Hassle Opponents like that. It can cause you to lose a lot of defensive shape as the BWM goes running off chasing the ball into the flanks, with the AMR & AML upfield, leaving Gerrard and the defence exposed. A CM(D) will offer better protection. Make sure that if you want the wide men tracking back, that you tell them to. Also be wary of the AMC and his movement options. He may get very congested with Sturridge and Sterling coming in from wide, so you may wish Coutinho to be a Trequartista to be able to move into wide spaces vacated by your wide men.

    Hi again LLama3!

    I was waitin' for your reply, but fair enough :D

    As you answered to James 9, you told that the 2 players on the MC strata have to be defensive minded, but in the "AMC triangle" your suggestions were about one on defence and one on support. Or were you just suggesting to use a different combination like a dlp (sup) and mc(def) to avoid role like BTBMid and BWMid that often leaves spaces due an high pressure on the opponents?

    Anything about my questions?

    What about the decision of James9 to use "Retain possession" in a CounterAttacking Mentality?

  9. Hi llama3,

    I'm not so confident with strike partnership cause maybe It's less clear (for me) to understand how to apply your suggestions that use a single striker.

    I've setted up a very good 4-4-2 following yours guide, but I'm facing lots of problems in the construction of one of my favorite shapes: the 4-2-3-1.

    My idea of play It's an offensive formation, with high defensive line, 2 players in the middle and 2 inside forwards on the flanks supported by a lonely striker and a man at the AMC line.

    Shape it's strange, cause It's flat till the midfield but become a multi-strata formation from the middle up to the striker. Is this a chance to use a mixed passing system, more direct in defense and shorter upfield, trying to use a central penetration with more trough-balls? Does a rigid system suits better than a fluid system in a shape like this?

    In this complex system, where's the partnership? It's an offensive triangle with an attacking trio (as I suppose) o I've to think at a dual wide system supported by a creator-scorer system (AMC/ST). How can I jell a dual wide system that is also a part of an attacking trio?

    Hope to hear soon your opinions!

  10. The basic essence is you still need creativity, movement in behind, width and defensive shape - so with a flat attacking trio it depends what is behind it, but generally you need a mix of duties (2 support, 1 attack or 1 support, 2 attack - bear in mind a Trequartista plays more like a support role, so don't make it the lone striking option) - and just make your forwards different. So maybe a CF(S) - AF(A) - T(A) or CF(A) - DLF(S) - TM(A) are ideas - but the gist is mix it up so you have different options and ways to play and movement.

    A diamond midfield (i really should update the OP), is flexible - make sure your wing backs/attacking full backs offer the width, but movement from your central midfielders is still a useful idea. Basic concept - have at least 1 of each duty, and the last is up to you, it can help you frame the theme of your side. Make sure you have forward runs from midfield - i.e. no point selecting 2 defensive duties, a DLP(S) and an AP(S) as there is no movement. Having a player who moves wide is useful because of the lack of width in the system. So something like DM(D), DLP(S), CM(A), AP(S) or DLP(D), BBM(S), BWM(D), T(A) are ideas - again, it is a very flexible concept.

    Yeah, an update it's needed, cause everything you wrote it's absolutely fundamental to approach the game in a proper way!

    Again, compliment for your post, I'll try your suggestions soon in a new 343, can't wait for it!!!

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