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  1. ....mmmh...Something really unpredictable seems ruining my season...Just after the mid-season pause, I played 2 matches at home... 0-4 0-2 I know CPU adapt, they recognize me as a better side and everything else. But this seems too much... Let's back to the analysis screenshots and let's find a solution. Trapani destroyed my "30 match unbeaten" record with a heavy 0-4 !!! Looking to the above data the only thing I can realize is that they've played with long pass to avoid my high press. Or my players were drunk because can't be possible thi
  2. Ok, could be a good season (hoping doing well in the 2nd part too...) I swap my strikers sides and they seems performing better, but how did You spotted that issue ?
  3. Usually I follow mentality styles of play, so I'm on Positive, with standard Width and standard passing.
  4. Hi everybody, I'm facing up my second season with Olbia (Italian Serie C - compared to English 1st Division), in my first season I was predicted to fight to avoid relegation and reached playoffs quarter finals, in this one I've to fight for the playoffs even if I feel that I can do better. In order to carry my team to the legend I chose a 3412 formation, with Positive mentality, because I don't want to concede many chance to my opponents, so, "since I've got possession, they can't score" I'm performing fine, well, I can't imagine that this year Rende and Juve Stabia started to
  5. Ok, my system: Gk/d Wb/a bpd/d cd/d wb/s cmd/d dlpm/s (on the midfield line not on the dm line) W/s apm/s rd/a Af/a I play a possession based football, short pass/build play from defence/tight marking/hard tackling (my defense should be one on best in the league), control/fluid. My team is Wolfsburg, the board expectations are an Europa league qualification but I know I could get more from the team. I spotted some problem: the team create many chance (often 30 shots per match) but tends to collapse after a lead or in the second half when cpu tend to be more aggressive changing is forma
  6. Hi llama, A little question about "pairs and combination article" In the fm14 version you said that is not a good idea to use a wb/a winger/s combo cause this will concede lots of counter attack, but in the fm15 version at page 14 or 15 you include that combo anyway. I'm using a 4231 on the left I use a wb/s Remdeuter/a combo, what do you think about the combo on the right side (obviously protected in the middle by a cm/d)?
  7. Excellent, I did something like that in AC MILAN and It works perfectly, but as I said, I'd like to build something that can count on both IF. Do you think that a F9 (cause He drops deep) and a TREQUARTISTA (moves into spaces) could well supply 2 IF (both on Attack)? Do you think could It work? Which kind of midfield would you use?
  8. Hi again LLama3! I was waitin' for your reply, but fair enough As you answered to James 9, you told that the 2 players on the MC strata have to be defensive minded, but in the "AMC triangle" your suggestions were about one on defence and one on support. Or were you just suggesting to use a different combination like a dlp (sup) and mc(def) to avoid role like BTBMid and BWMid that often leaves spaces due an high pressure on the opponents? Anything about my questions? What about the decision of James9 to use "Retain possession" in a CounterAttacking Mentality?
  9. Hi llama3, I'm not so confident with strike partnership cause maybe It's less clear (for me) to understand how to apply your suggestions that use a single striker. I've setted up a very good 4-4-2 following yours guide, but I'm facing lots of problems in the construction of one of my favorite shapes: the 4-2-3-1. My idea of play It's an offensive formation, with high defensive line, 2 players in the middle and 2 inside forwards on the flanks supported by a lonely striker and a man at the AMC line. Shape it's strange, cause It's flat till the midfield but become a multi-strata formation fr
  10. Well, i didn't thought to assign a 0,5 value to the roles that could be defined either specialized or not, this is really interesting. Moreover remember that for me isn't a simple reading cause I've to translate all the llama3 and wwfan's stuff!
  11. ...and it's working? I'm asking for it cause I see many specialized roles playing in a fluid way that maybe is contradictory.
  12. Yeah, an update it's needed, cause everything you wrote it's absolutely fundamental to approach the game in a proper way! Again, compliment for your post, I'll try your suggestions soon in a new 343, can't wait for it!!!
  13. Hi llama3! Tnx for you great post, it helped me a lot during my sessions in fm, but, I'd like to know how can you apply your theories in formations with flat attacking trio like 343 or 433 and the same with diamond (double triangle) formations.
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