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  1. Finances in FM are generally awful. Needs a revamp soon.
  2. The combination of Euro Cup and Championship means that you will have a long season ahead. I played 70 matches the year I won the Euro Cup....big squad essential.
  3. Looking at his twitter account it does not seem like the first time either. He lost the Euro Cup final, but magically celebrated the double soon after. Not gonna judge either since I've done it before, but got out of the habbit some versions ago.
  4. Too easy this game? Won the Euro Cup whilst playing in the Championship with FC United. Seems as when I'm playing against high reputation teams and really don't care if I lose or not my team is unbeatable. Winning 2-0 against Inter with the reserves and then my first team lost 2-0 to Doncaster. Something is wrong...
  5. I'm a legend at FC United now. Second season in the Championship now after 4 straight promotions and I won the League Cup last year. On FM11 I became an AFC Wimbledon legend after my second CL victory. Only annoying thing is that FC United had a legend already and the hideously named Marginson Arena is my current stadium. Almost want to use an editor to change the name.
  6. I notice that when I am doing well in the league I can attract very good players later on in the season. Seems as if your league position is very important. But my reputation has also increased very slowly and not kept up with my progress.
  7. I'm in the final as well. Meeting Liverpool for the first time ever.
  8. It's horrible. Have to put really bad players on the bench because of that rule
  9. 90 players on my shortlist, just promoted to the Championship and only 4 of them want to join me. There is something wrong with reputation!
  10. Just won my 4th straight promotion with FC United. Still just above Mansfield in the reputation ranking. Stupid.
  11. Anyone else getting cash injections? My FC United board have given me a total of £500k this season. No idea where they are coming from as I'm a fan run club.
  12. The more I think about it the more I think something is wrong. I made the FA Cup Semi last year, and still beneath Mansfield (and similar teams) which I've been for a long time now. Started a thread in the mains to see if others are experiencing similar issues. At least it makes this challenge more challenging...
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