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  1. Thank you! Big shout out to all the fixers involved. Now let’s get that game started. Up the Shrimpers!
  2. You can obtain a refund via the App Store or other providers quite easily. Personally, I’m comfortable waiting for a fix. I’ve got plenty of other hobbies and tasks to keep me occupied for a few more days. Yes, it shouldn’t have been released with such a huge and obvious error. It’s not ideal but clearly they are working their hardest to fix the problem.
  3. Hang on in there folks! I’m sure they’re working hard on getting it fixed. Chomping at the bit to get started though...
  4. Thanks for your response. I have an iPad Mini 2. iOS V9.3.5. I followed your advice regarding the Game Center. I was actually already signed out. I removed notifications too. Unfortunately, it made no difference.
  5. Hey folks, Completed download of FM Mobile 2020. I am using an iPad mini which has a fully up to date iOS. Over 5GB available space. I press the FM App. It loads to screen then credits and then crashes back to home. I have followed the troubleshooting advice provided (Restart & re-install). I’ve always played FM Mobile on my iPad mini and would toncontinue to do so. I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions. B48C029A-18CC-4C34-BEBB-A28D8B0C3010.MOV
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