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  1. When I managed Atletico, it was pretty much chucking it down every week in Madrid
  2. I bought FM19 from Voidu, no issues at all
  3. Just a heads up, I bought this laptop this week, and it is running FM superbly, I have a large database with all the big leagues loaded with all feeder leagues. I bought it from Box, piece of advice, mine came pre-loaded with McAfee which throttled the hell out of it, but once I deleted that and installed the free Bullguard that came with it, then it's a great laptop for this price.
  4. I started my save on the Beta release night, am currently half way through my 2nd season. Just don't have the time to play quicker. Am about to sit down and play for a while, and is the first time in about 2 weeks I've had the chance.
  5. I pretty much use a 4-2-3-1 gegenpress, on attack (4-1-4-1 if playing another top 4 side away). I change the duties of my midfielders and wingers though depending on who I'm using there. My striker is always on pressing forward and this seems to suit Werner, although when Origi has to step in he does a job, I sold Sturridge as he was hopeless.
  6. Not getting people having problems getting strikers to score, I signed Timo Werner, I use him as a pressing forward and so far has 43 in 55 games in all competitions.
  7. I signed Timo Werner, he bangs them in for me in either a 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1 gegenpress tactic
  8. I sold Mignolet at the end of the first season for £18.5million to Stoke, Alex McCarthy was transfer listed for £1.2million, so bought him as back up.
  9. Just finished my first season, no major outs and added Timo Werner in for £52 million, and using 2 main tactics of 4-1-4-1 and 4-2-3-1 both gegenpress on either attacking or balanced. I won the League Cup, Champions League and the Premier League by 14 points. So I would agree it seems over powered. Debating going for a tika-taka style next season.
  10. City were 2nd bottom at Xmas on mine when Guardiola got the sack, Klopp took over and they are 6th nearing the end of the season.
  11. I don't think it's that you're bad at the game, just chosen one of the hardest challenges in the English leagues. Keep at it
  12. Man City were 2nd bottom at Xmas on mine, sacked Guardiola and replaced with Klopp, they are now 6th (middle of March)
  13. I agree that it's unlikely to be a new in-game feature, as adding this on release day would make the 2 week beta testing totally pointless. I'm going to side with those saying it will be a Stadium Editor.
  14. 73 crosses in 90 minutes is 1 every 50 seconds? Think you need to redo your maths, although agreed it does still seem high
  15. Looking at a few of the comments, it could be an issue using 2 strikers, I currently play with one up top (Timo Werner is my first choice), he has 12 in 16 games with 5 assists, his movement seems as it should be, often utilises the channels.
  16. Meltdown?? Bit of an exaggeration don't you think? For my part there was 2 of us quite jovially talking about this issue last night, certainly no moaning or indeed "meltdown", I even accepted the style I want my team to play is contributing to activating the issue. I don't think there are that many that didn't exepect there to be issues pre-release, that's the whole point of this beta fortnight is it not, to discuss calmly any issues? If you want to see meltdown, you should see a bloke I work with who spends his whole day shouting at inanimate objects that have somehow wronged him
  17. Have you been to Ipswich? In fairness it does look like it's stuck in 1900 ....
  18. A) They've already acknowledged it's an issue B) I have already acknowledged my chosem style isn't helping (although I don't see Liverpool with 13 1st team players out injured playing such a style IRL) C) I wasn't moaning, just commenting Not sure you need to be a developer to have noted all that either......
  19. Of course, all my remaining players are knackered, makes it a challenge I suppose, Liverpool is proving a tad easy. At least I have my keepers.........I've talked that one up haven't I?
  20. Add Milner (training), and Lovren and Matip to that on international duty, think I may give up until the official release
  21. I talked it up the "injuries haven't effected me" comment further up, gone on a nightmare run of injuries since then, and within 4 games went from bottom to top of the injury chart. Currenlty have Mane, Markovic, Chamberlain (although shouldn't count him really), Firmino, Salah, Shaqiri, Van Dyke, Keita, Llallana all out injured. Although I believe SI have acknowledged this as an issue further up. Might just lower my tempo for a few games to see if this makes thing slightly better without ruining my tactics,
  22. 10 of my 84 goals have been from through balls, which is the 4th highest type for me, so that I would say I score an average amount of my goals from through balls which seems about right.
  23. Got to say I've not been noticing this injury thing others have mentioned, nothing above what would happen IRL, a few knocks here and there but nothing major yet. Certainly not been seeing the "used all 3 subs by half time" I saw some post earlier. Probably had to sub an injured player once every 5 or 6 matches, and no long term injuries as of yet. Not too unrealistic imo
  24. How are you finding managing Liverpool? Are you fidning it ridiculously easy? So far I have won 100% of games, thrashing teams in the process, the only signing I have made is Timo Werner. Admittedly I am only 7 Premier League games in, and 1 Champions League, but this includes pre-season when I had virtually no first team players back from the World Cup so played the kids in most games. Also Man City are awful, played 6 won 1 lost 5 (including at home to me), is anyone else seeing this with them? I appreciate it's too early in my game to say whether both teams are just are good/bad form, so was wondering other peoples experiences with Liverpool or City who might be a lot further in than me?
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