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  1. I remember an Argentinian called Marcelo Delgado, he won a few international caps. IRL played as an inside forward, cutting in from either flank to deadly effect. Had him in '07 using a huge database and he was excellent. Just noticed that in '10 he's 36 and available on a free, lol... might grab him for old times sake... Any news on the FM/CM comedy name players... Semen Semenov for instance?
  2. ass man? Thought I'd come to the wrong forum for a minute there...
  3. Also, you may want to try updating your Java virtual machine by going to http://java.com/en/... this fixes alot of the other issues on launch...
  4. I've had horrendous issues getting FM to install on XP 64-bit... basically it doesn't work as install anywhere is bugged (not FM!)... this is the 'cannot create GUI error' or similar... am not sure if the same issues exist under Vista 64-bit but knowing vista they probably do... however, I have a solution, which may work for most people having probs installing the game... If you have another computer (or dual-boot) with a 32-bit version of windows on it then install the game on that but do not launch the game or activate it... (you'll need to do an advanced install and install it in a specific folder)... then copy the whole of the installation folder over to your 64-bit system and then launch and activate the game. It works fine for me, and is the same approach I had to use to get FM2008 installed... You can then update the game and so on... I actually installed using a 32-bit XP install running under VMWare on my Linux box... then did the copying thing but also works for regular 32-bit install... hope this helps someone...