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  1. i really cannot get this game to work, the saAudit file is in my folder but the game still doesnt work, stuff this im going on the xbox haha unless anyone has anymore suggestions
  2. ive done this and it still gives the same message are there any other solutions? thanks for your help anyways!
  3. argh someone help! i put the .dll file i need in the sports interactive folder etc, and i still get the error message saying i need the saAudit file!
  4. ive put the saAuditMD.dll in the fm2009 folder and im still getting the same message, is there anything im doing wrong?
  5. so i just put the file provided in the fm09 folder, and everything should work?
  6. I have managed to install the game fine but when i click on it to play a message comes up saying sa.AuditMD.dll was not found. I re-installed the game like it said, and nothing happened, the same message came up. What do i do?! If another file is needed, can someone tell me how to get this file and how to make it work with the game haha, im rubbish with installing things. Thanks a lot!