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  1. Interesting. I tested this a couple times as Arsenal with the same results. Even when offering he signs a new contract with Barca, even in the case where he will be a Key Player for Arsenal (he's First Team at best for Barca) and earn €2,5 million more (he usually ends up with ~ 5,5million at Barca) I do not have access to FM right now, nonetheless one top-of-mind addition: Name: Simão Position: DM/MC Club: Levante Value: €10 million Release Fee: €€6 million Other: Great ball-winning DM/MC for mid-table teams. Should have no problem getting a work permit, only potential issue seems to be his very high agression&bravery which might result in quite some yellow cards. edit: forgot to change a £ into €
  2. Roger seems to be finally getting some game time, hope it continues at QPR or elsewhere in the PL
  3. FM15: Arsenal FC

    Who was crazy enough to buy Coquelin for 32m?
  4. FM15: Rate My Regen Thread

    Possibilities are endless with this kid. Up his finishing and you could even make him a F9/Trequarista
  5. This not featuring has gotten down to the point where Alecastle has lost 1 point on practically al physical stats . Who on earth did they have at QPR for centre backs?
  6. Great news and ditto updates! Hopefully Roger can get some time in, 40 appearances weren't enough for a single attribute increase With 130 CA and -9 PA you've got a pretty good chance of getting enough international caps to get a permit
  7. A whopping 6'7" (+/- 200cm) and jumping/heading 20/20 for Alecastle, could be promising , looking forward to the update!
  8. Quite some English and Italian players and some will play in the same league, I'm really interested to see how this will develop !
  9. Name: Roger Alecastle Nationality: English Position: DC Day/Month of birth: 04/04 Starting Club: Wycombe Wanderers 5 attributes to be set to 20:Determination, Loyalty, Heading, Strength, Jumping Favoured Clubs: Millwall, Arsenal, Wycombe Disliked Clubs: Tottenham, West Ham, Notts Co Favoured personnel: Gareth Ainsworth Disliked personnel: Jose Mourinho Preferred job on retirement: Scout
  10. Name: Rogier Bierhoven Nickname(If any): Position: DR/DL Date of Birth: Feb 23 Nationality: Dutch Weight/Height: 183cm/74kg Preferred foot: Left
  11. Name: Rogier Bierhoven Date of birth: 05/03/1996 Place of birth: Loppersum, Netherlands Nationalities: South African and Dutch Height: 184 cm Weight: 78 kg Position points: DL (20), ML(15), AML (5) Favoured Clubs: Swansea, FC Groningen, Ajax Cape Town Disliked Clubs: Heerenveen Liked people (and why): Ron Jans (idol) Disliked people: none 3 technical attributes at 20: Tackling, Dribbling, Marking 3 physical attributes at 20: Acceleration, Pace, Stamina 3 mental attributes at 20: Work Rate, Positioning, Determination Up to 2 preferred moves Runs with ball down left and gets crowd going edit: If possible, left footed would be nice
  12. FM15: AFC Ajax - Unfinished Business

    Great opening post(s) As always will be starting an Ajax save on FM'15. Must say the likes of Kishna, Nouri and El Ghazi look promising. From what I gather keeping talents like those 3 will be harder due to the fact that most of them will ask for a minimum fee release clause. Should be a great tweak to the game, in FM13/14 the Dutch competition could get boring pretty quickly.
  13. Don't think this has changed from last years version. Is the transferwindow open of has the deadline already passed?
  14. Great fix. Does it apply to savegames or does one need to start a new game ?
  15. I totally agree and really hope this will be turned back in the final version. Why put a limit on 3 candidates who are more often than not 1-2 stars clowns or nonsensical suggestions position-wise anyway. Take Müller at Bayern for example, a great tutor for Sinan Kurt. The three choices I get are Mitchell Weiser a 2* potential transfer-listee, Görtler the 1* soon-to-be-clubless MR and Bernat, a DL. For Kurt you get Pizarro, Robben and Schweinsteiger which granted aren't bad tutors but still one is a DM and another an ST while Kurt primarily is a winger. Müller would be nice to have to tutor Kurt on his path to becoming a great winger. Any reason this part of the tutoring system needed changing?