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  1. Newsflash from Real Life News: Liverpool Manager Rafael Benitez today demanded that the F.A. and the Premier League release a patch for Robbie Keane as he hasn't "scored in ages". Benitez explained "I paid 20 million for Keane in the summer, and he is awful. Like those nice chaps what moan about FM09, I demand that this is sorted immediately". Benitez concluded "as for Torres, he is ALWAYS injured - is this a bug?" The Spaniard muttered something about these press conferences being boring and repetitive, and stormed out.......
  2. Thanks, I always play him in his 'natural' position, in CM with Xabi or someone else. I have him set up to be attacking, and I just want him to be as good on my game as he is IRL! His morale is always fine, but he is always described as having an 'alright match', when I want him to be amazing all the time. His average performance is only about 6.5. I think I might try him at AMC, but on my game this is not a 'natural' position for him.........
  3. Can anyone help me with Stevie G? I play him CM and he is always pants (he is playing like Lucas IRL) Any tactics with him that make him play like the best player in the World that he is?
  4. They will rinse you for being a wind-up merchant.........because you are!!! Boring now, come on guys, stop playing along
  5. concerned girlfriend

    Dinner for you will be, as usual, a large mixed kebab with everything on it, setting yourself up nicely for another lonely night of sexual deviance........
  6. concerned girlfriend

    That's how we know you really are a girl - you don't watch SS!!!! Dead giveaway......
  7. concerned girlfriend

    I guess for a Manc fan, Suzie is alright, but the rebecca thing just sounds like a bloke 'Big Dave' trying to sound like a girl (in ways Suzie pointed out). The whole thread has gone massively off-topic, but whilst we are here.........favourite and least favourite Soccer Saturday guests in honour of the Stelling's new job?
  8. concerned girlfriend

    I'll take the one on the left.........the one on the right looks like rebecca!
  9. concerned girlfriend

    No seriously, he is!!!!! No word on whether Paul Merson will be dribbling in dictionary corner though.........
  10. concerned girlfriend

    Hey, Don't get down fellas (including 'rebecca', but not Suzie) If you have some time 'between jobs' coming up, Jeff Stelling is the new host of Countdown, so that should worth a look..........
  11. I have heard a rumour that someone is tipped to be the next Platini! Have I made that up?
  12. I habve searched, sorry if this exists. If there is a link to a similar thread, that would be great! Just wanted to see which young players are touted as the next XXXXXXXX. I haven't found one yet, but I have seen some 'is a similar player to xxxxxxxxx' Does anyone have a list? Thanks
  13. concerned girlfriend

    That is because 'she' is in a layby, eating doughnuts, with no signal for 'her' broadband ........read the first page or two!
  14. concerned girlfriend

    errr, Suzie, it is all made up sweetie
  15. concerned girlfriend

    jeez! I can't believe this is still going! I have said from page 1 that this is a wind-up, and people are STILL talking to him as if it is really a hot young girl!!!!