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  1. I'm using tactic called "Brobs17_Hough Super-tactic nnnn" and I reached fantastic scores. I'm unbeaten in league from ~24 matches. I'm still need better defenders cause i lost too much goals with strongest team.
  2. working very well with BAD-RELIGION tweak.
  3. Still I test with new teams and always the same effect. League Table Squad Last Matches
  4. A great result away. Simply fantastic.
  5. For me awesome, I'm started with arsenal, and results are impressive. I play with Arshavin(six goals in five matches, Van Persie 3 goals, 1 assist in 3 matches often has a slight injuries and Hanke 4 goal, 6 assists in 4 matches.
  6. finestmeat, D its match in home, W match away. Its polish language.
  7. In my Getafe. Awesome tactic some last results : This is in polish, D - home, W - away (; My strikers: I use two tactics V3 in home match and with weak teams, V5 away and Real etc. It's work for me nice.