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  1. and where can TUGS' training be downloaded from?
  2. my defenders aren't that fast and i'm using tight marking and man marking. maybe i need to look at zonal marking. is it ok to use closing down and tight marking on fast players?
  3. i have followed the tt&f and tailored to suit my villa side, but i am still leaking goals, and lots of very early goals. and when i'm not conceding i'm getting shots hammered at my goal. i've set training for defence, even with defending as high but keep the schedule on medium. any tips?
  4. ...with aston villa. i've set up my defence training, set individual instructions etc. but i'm still conceding too many, and also conceding very early goals a lot, like within the first 5 mins. anyone having any similar probs?
  5. does anyone know how much Villa get to spend in the second season?
  6. patch file error

    it's ok, fixed it!
  7. sorry if something similar already exists. i'm trying to run the patch but keep getting an error saying error reading file block 121. does anyone have any ideas?
  8. behind corner so i can virtually see the whole pitch, also have the radar in top left corner
  9. Where do you hover your cursor?

    over the tactics button or pause button. however i always hold the mouse and when something really annoys me i lift then slam the mouse really hard then just check the bottom to see if it's ok! if i get really really annoyed then i may slam the mouse a few times!! i think i need help.....
  10. i'm playing as villa although i support man utd. at half time away to arsenal it was 0 - 0 and fairly even. so at half time i thought i'd be just a little more adventurous and lost 5 - 0! then a little while later i was playing chelsea at home and won 2 - 1 in injury time. i cannot describe that feeling!!
  11. Is anyone else.....

    i'm the same but don't play offside trap at home, will try that tonight. i've bought thomas vermealen (left back from ajax) for 5 million. got copra, aquino and capdevila on loan to bolster my squad.
  12. Is anyone else.....

    what formation do you play?
  13. Is anyone else.....

    what was your transfer budget with newcastle?
  14. bored with playing with the top 4. i'm a man u fan and am always adamant that i can't manage anyone else. however i have started a new game as villa and i am finding it more challenging and fun. man u will always be world beaters, where as i am going to make villa into world beaters. this will give me more satisfaction than winning the champs league with united, although i've only managed this feat with ac milan! having said that, it's not going to happen while i'm 11th after 12 games!