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  1. yes, at my valencia save, guardado got injured for 6+ months, i got to the registration screen and i wanted to replace him with fede cartabia, but unfortunately i could not find how to do it...
  2. According to the League Rules of the Liga BBVA, the teams are able to replace the long term injured player with another player from the squad. But, when I got to the team registration screen, I could not find how to do that? Is there anyone who knows how to do that?:confused::confused:
  3. I am managing Besiktas in Turkish Premier League and 7 of the first 8 league matches of my team has been refereed by the same referee - Halis Özkahya. SI shall have a look at this issue.
  4. Thank you AlexLightsaber, as I am managing Newcastle, that shall be the reason...
  5. In my save game, pitch size alteration has not been asked in the beginning of the season. Is there anyone has an idea, is that option cancelled in this year's game?
  6. All are reported issues, hope they will be solved at the full game...
  7. this week until 30th is an official holiday in Turkey and back to FM 12 for my Napoli save. It is hard to play with that many bugs. will wait for the full version until November 2nd...
  8. Many goals issue is making the game unplayable and unrealistic. See below; http://imageshack.us/a/img585/1155/adsztsg.jpg
  9. i still play with the dots, and enjoying it much more than 3D
  10. Fm 13

    besiktas, as it is having bad days financially after the idiot president has left over 600 million dollars of debt. will try to wake up the giant...
  11. Offered National Team Post

    @sikker: Also I never get offered club jobs even though I often in the media are rumoured to take the seat. But again that is fine as I wouldn't leave. I think this is also an interesting point. I think in the end of the seasons, if you are a very successful manager, say that win the league and semi finals in CL, you shall get many offers as you are a very popular manager. But in FM you get rare attention from other clubs and most of this attention occurs in the mid season, not the end of the season.
  12. Offered National Team Post

    Do you think that this reflects the real life as it is very rare that club managers are offered to manage a club and a national side at the same time?
  13. Strategy Question

    Dear Cougar2010, thank you for your comment but I never change only the strategy. If I change the strategy e.g from attacking to counter; that will mean that I have to change the playing style accordingly. If I am not playing in an attacking strategy, I would decrease the level of creative freedom, roaming or other options. That means the familiarity will decrease accordingly
  14. I realized that after 2 or 3 succesful seasons in a club, I am mostly offered a national team post and manage both a club and national side. This is my third season in Napoli and after two successful seasons Switzerland offered me national post even if I have no experience in national management. I am managing both right now. Do you have similar examples or are you getting similar offers from several national teams after some successful seasons? And one more question is could that be related to having some national players from this country. (I have three Swiss in my squad: Gokhan Inler, Bierim Dzemalli and Benjamin Siegrist).