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    Birmingham City, Inter.
  1. Buonanotte Query

    Same thing happened to me with Buaonotte bieng injured, i too was flabbergasted, but noew i understand!
  2. Hendo9, do you play him as a lone striker or part as a two man strike force? Just cannot get him to perform mate! Lawly Boi, teams looks good man, let me know how buananotte does for you if you would bud.
  3. FM2010: Diego Buonanotte

    Ahh any tips on what i shpuld do then mate?
  4. Hi guys, I’m getting into my save on the new patch 10.3, just finished my 1st season! I finished 6th, which I was very pleased with, a few wheels and deals saw me create quite an impressive squad after my first transfer window, her is an overview! Ins: Riquelme Buonanotte Ferrie Bodde Zuiverloon Battaglia Rommerdahl Paulo Henrique (loan) Upson Armand Traore (loan) All in all I spent 49 million 0ut: McFadden Larsson Jerome Carr O’Connor Fahey Parnaby (Lots more from reserves on frees or minimal fees) SEASON REVIEW: I play a 4, 2, 3, 1 formation, attack minded with a quick tempo, target man, ball to feet. Riquelme was awesome as a AMC, grabbing 15 goals and numerous assists, O'shea was epic on the right wing as a AMR, and I really recommend playing him, a great surprise package and is valued at 3million now. Also that Paulo Henrique was brilliant on AML and grabbed 9 goals and 10 assists on loan from Herenveen. Buaonotte couldn’t play for the entire second half of the season due to 'medical reasons' very odd but ohwell, he is a brilliant player and you can get him for around 4 million! Ferrie Bodde from Swansea was a surprise package, did very well as an attacking minded CM, with Argentinean Battaglia working in a defensive minded CM role alongside him, signed from River Plate if I remember rightly, they did very well in the heart of midfield. Defence was solid, Ridgewell does fine at left back for 1st season, although i signed Traore from arsenal as cover, Zuiverloon is a solid RB and I recommend signing him for 1st season, Upson, a rock, alongside Johnson, they did very well. Benitez as a loan striker blows hot and cold to be honest, but he got 12 goals, not too bad, but nothing special, he is better playing alongside another striker to be truthful. All in all a very good season, 6th, 60 odd goals, conceded around 40, so room for improvement but with 35 mil to spend this season (start of 2nd now) I will look to introduce some better players and update when appropriate. I’m currently looking with interest at Alexis Sanchez, Saviola, Adu and a Brazilian centre midfielder whose name eludes me now, but I will update as I say. K.R.O!
  5. FM2010: Diego Buonanotte

    He couldnt play for the entire 2nd half of my season due to 'medical reasons' Looking forward to playing him behind the striker this season though! Tried him on the left as an AML but didnt seem as effective for me.
  6. 'I am now also seeing this error when launching the game. I have been playing since release and never had any issues until tonight.' DITTO
  7. Hi there, my steam hasnt updated the patch and apparently i shouldnt manually download it. Could somebody tell me how to properly update it please, thank you so much!
  8. Richard Offiong & Theo Robinson....two brilliant young strikers who were awesome on fm 08, signed them in league 2 for my MK Dons team and they were still scoring for fun together in the premiership, Theo Robinson even got in the england squad, awesome memories! Now they are both average, poor
  9. Just opened FM 08 tonight, as i cannot wait for the patch on FM 10 but dont want to start new career! I am going to take Birmingham to Europe ( i hope )!!!
  10. FM10 : Official Good Strikers Thread

    Is adrian from deportivo any good? Thnaks in advance, i was going to play him as a loan striker for my Lyon team!
  11. Hi guys im currently half way through my second now with the mighty Lyon, and i am pleased to say i am flying through the league, 10 points clear in febuary, and in the 1st knock out round stage of the champions league, although i need to play real madrid to progress to the quarters! im using a 4,1,2,2,1 formation, aka defensive midfieleder, two center mids, and two atacking wingers, 1 striker. Team is as follows: GK: LORIS RB: REVEIRRE CB:CRIS CB:GALLAS LB:ARMAND TRAORE DM:MAKOUN CM:MONTOLIVO CM:TOULALAN AMR:WALCOTT AML:ALEXIS SANCHEZ ST:LOPEZ As you can tell i love my explosive wingers, these two are on fire, both setting up lopez time after time, after time, he has scored loads this season, currently has 22 goals in 19 league games, 28 in all competitions! awesome striker. Montolivo is a player i have always admired on football manager, but never had the chance to get him, but i splashed out 18 million on him, and after a slow start, he is finally showing his true colours and generating a formidable partnership with Toulalan in the center of the field, feeding the two speed demons on the wings, he really is pulling all the strings. My greatest fear is my defence, who are getting on a bit now, William Gallas was my 1st signing for Lyon, and he is now captain, so good at the back with Cris who has also pleased me, but they are both getting into their mid thirties and i dont think that next season they will be fit enough for the league and champions league, so could you give me any good center backs and right back players to fill the void next season please! Just wondering if anybody can also reccomend some top French youngsters does anyone know if Gael Kakuta from Chelsea gets good? Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks Hopey, great work again on the thread buddy:thup:
  13. Spot on my Friend! Just realised it was possible tbh, think my body has adjusted to constantly bieng over the normal alcohol limit this last year, so im not just refined to my bed by day and out by night anymore haha!
  14. Thanks purefun! Last year i started University, so been a bit busy drinking hahaha, but good to be back
  15. Hi Guys, been such a long time since i have been on this website, last year i played FM 2009 without coming on here once and it wasnt the same! The last time i was on here i was playing FM08 and the Lyon Squad was awesome, how things have changed! So ive decided im gonna start with Lyon this year and get back on the thread I'll try and keep you updated, hope everyone is enjoying their Lyon game on here too, great to get help and tips off here from you FM addicts haha