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  1. I have the first one that you mention with a 512GB SSD and 16GB of Ram. It also has a Intel Iris Pro 1GB & a nVidia Geforce GT 750M 2GB Dual GPU's, and mine runs no problem. I have however turned off the 3D Match Engine as the battery seems to deplete quite quickly
  2. Ok stupid question, how do I load a tactic that I have downloaded into FM 09?
  3. If I could make a request please. Would one or a couple of you knowledgeable people perhaps consider putting together a little strategy on the best formations and tactics to use or what works well for you? Its so that those of us (such as me for example) who aren't too experienced at the game, can have a basic understanding and start to maybe be a little more successful, as I for one keep losing matches and it is really frustrating for me and im sure it is for a handful of others as well. Many Thanks
  4. You know your addicted to it when you start shouting because the team you manage, lose 2-0 to Man U on the first day of the Premiership.
  5. Just a quick question for you kind people, if I may, even though I havent got the game yet (waiting for 25th Dec), How would one go about taking an International Job as say England Manager (how mich time before a major tournament starts, and how do you apply for the job? Also after a tournament has ended, what happens then in terms of matches?
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