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  1. I am still recieving an error 821 when I use the new activation tool. When I enter the code (checked on softanchor keycheck link) it says "activation failed with error: -821. please make sure you use the correct key and try again"
  2. Any further info on 821/819 errors yet? Using steam, no certificate files found, etc Product is activating through phone option but when i launch game it just comes back up asking for code like it hasn't been activated. Have done this 3 times now and that voice on the phone really staring to irritate. Please help
  3. Yea tried that fix, cant find certificates file or even program data folder to start with. Also tried using task manager to close the running fm.exe but keep getting same errors 821 or 819.
  4. Has any progress been made on Error -821 since last night? I installed my copy on Vista through steam and have no certificate files anywhere to delete. Is there someone working on this problem just now or should I just take the game back? Would a different copy work any better? I can see how hard you guys are working to fix these problems but jus wanna know whether to return game or wait problem out? Cheers
  5. hey all, stressed to the max here!! have been trying to install this damn game all day! getting the Error: [-821] message but can't find any certificates in the places mentioned. Installed copy through Steam and running on Vista. also tried closing the applications on task manager and have totally reinstalled whole thing several times but don't seem to be getting anywhere. bought my copy in glasgow this morning... please help