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  1. Ok, now go further Why not do the same thing for players ? 15 or 14 for passing are very close. Maybe you can add some nice icon too for that ? that would make the game more easy for new players ;-)
  2. Hello Uncle_Sam Thanks for this incredible job ! I have a question : Do you think it is easy to replace MLS Franchise with NFL franchise ? Or some hard coded things can break the file ?
  3. thanks Samba for this fantastic work ! I have tried many times to create an update like that, without ever succeeding. I modified some detail (like some reputation or color), but your base are near to perfetc ! I add also age limitation for all tournament (no player under 18, and no player after 22), because I prefer play like that. I still have a slight problem. The teams seem to keep their older player. Not a big problem, but the player are unhappy, and is not a good thing for computer team... I haved try with option "players not registered are immediately waived" on
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