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  1. Shead

    Finance management

    Ok the game isnt Football Chairman but it needs to strike a good balance between reality and fun factor with the latter being well favoured. Otherwise for example, when managing Italian sides, they can literally switch off transfer market negotiations, player contract negotiations, certain staff selection such as scouts, etc (because its all in the hands of the directors of the club) which would clearly kill a good chunk of the fun in the game. When playing the game the fun part is feeling the club is "yours" and being to develop it over time with your own ideas etc. Restricting the role solely to training, player selection and tactics would be boring over time. And lets not discount the fact that some managers such as Ferguson probably did actually have a say on ticket prices, club stadium etc etc so I think the game should use Ferguson as its 'role model' for the role offered to us.
  2. Shead

    2019 2020

    Of all the suggestions the ones I totally agree with are: a) introduction of VAR (in those competitions where it is being used in real life, this must be added) b) more communication between Chairman and Manager (depending on the type of Chairman as well). For example, in Italy, Chairmen historically tended to be highly hands on and therefore more likely to interact with their managers often, however one also cannot generalise and apply this to all. Again taking Serie A by way of an example, De Laurentis (Napoli), Zamparini (Palermo) and Berlusconi (ex Milan) are highly hand on with always on opinion on how the team should play, which players should get regular football etc. Other such as the current chairmen at Juventus, Roma, Inter etc seem more in the background with communication with the Manager delegated to the General Manager or Director of Football etc. The reason for this distinction in approach is that the first batch own the club and they bought it for their passion for football (among other reasons) wheres the second batch of examples are a listed company, or owned by foreign individuals living in foreign countires most of their time. So in a nutshell, some Chairmen might communicate only very formally and in rare and special occassions (appointment at club, start of season, end of season) whereas others may be much more communicative and possibly also more intrusive.
  3. I like the idea though I would want to have a say in deciding the kit style. Thus could be either by letting us design/set it (unrealistic but more fun) or perhaps every season the kit provider gives the manager three designs to choose from...
  4. Just as players tend to like us as time go by, do some players also dislike us, possibly of prolonged lack of playing time when they feel they deserved it, being treated unfairly often etc etc? Does this come out in the game and how do we get to know? Presumably, this stat would also mean that the player in question would not want to join any team that we are managing, and more likely to get quickly unsettled should we become managers of a team he is playing for as a result of our previous negative history? The media could also pick on this negative relationship...
  5. I like the second suggestion best. Yes having the media ‘create’ rivalries between us and other managers could be interesting especially where we are not on friendly terms, and where for example, we are managing rival clubs like man u and Liverpool, real and barca, milan and inter, Lazio and roma etc, and if there are specific statistics vis a vis that manager such as you always beating him or you never beating him or how the last ten games between you have gone etc etc. Should give us that added motivation to beat that manager in the next match…. To add to the above, I have always wished for the game to compare how we are performing at our club compared to the previous manager, and how the manager at our previous club is doing compared to us. When I leave a club, three/four months down the line, I always go to see how the new manager is performing, and what he is doing differently to what I did in terms of how playing, tactics and players being used etc. In such cases, if he is performing significantly worse than I did, it would be good to have a news item that your previous fans are “missing” the days when you were in charge, and possibly also boost your reputation/legend status at that club at least in the fans’ eyes. On the other hand, if the new manager is doing much better than you then your previous club would tend to ‘forget’ you more easily. Taking a real life example….Sarri’s performance at Chelsea so far seems to have led to many players and fans to ‘forget’ about Conte, while his performance at Napoli led him to still be missed by some at Napoli and Ancelotti has the added pressure of doing worse than what Sarri did if he wants to leave a mark at Napoli. It’s a double edged sword though cos if you took a team for 3rd Division to Premier and left them with top finances and players with the likelihood of your successor naturally doing better than you, then such a news item could be seen as out of context and annoying. On your first point, if I understand the point correctly, here the idea is to highlight specific and particular statistics at particular points in time in the league…such as for example…. You are managing a top club and your teams has most goals scored in all the top leagues in europe, so the media could pick up on that….or your team is still unbeaten and it just you and Barcelona in the top leagues to still be unbeaten at this stage of the season …something along these lines? My worry is that it is likely to just be reported as a news item and that’s it with no real after-effect on the game.
  6. Could you please explain (or point me to a link) how? And presumably these cannot be changed midway through a save?
  7. I wish to propose that from a player profile screen (in-game) we are allowed to change (or add) a player’s photo that is seen in the game’s player profile. Essentially perhaps by means of being allowed to choose a photo from your PC and then performing some minimal adjustments in size, positioning etc (similar to choosing a profile pic on a social media website) I am suggesting this for a number of reasons as follows: Sometimes the player photo is not good or relatively old. Taking Messi by way of example, once he took up his beard look, his previous look appears old dated if one had to use such a photo For the more familiar with photoshop etc, when signing a new player, we could “create” a photo of that player wearing the kit of the club we are managing and upload that, thereby giving that enhanced feel of a player’s signing that today FM tends to lack (unlike PES or FIFA where the press conference animations etc are really good) Sometime you buy a player that would not have a photo. Changing a player’s photo outside of the game is not easy (atleast for me) Not a game changer but just an idea if at all possible. Thanks
  8. I like the staff team suggestion very much. Definitely one to add asap.
  9. Better match sounds would surely be a nice addition
  10. I like the idea. We've seen this in the EPL and even in the Italian Serie A, large banners are often displayed by the hard core fans in the stands behind one of the goals, covering a variety of subjects (not just manager related)
  11. Shead


    Agreed fully. Presumably real-life managers dont just tell the team 'do pressing' but give instructions as to how pressing is to be done as a team. Some examples in real life are: a) press high up in attack (may be chosen where the opposing team tends to build attacks by playing the ball from behind. I have also seen it used where you want the opposing team to have to go for long balls from their defense to dodge the high pressing on their defenders, leading to their short attackers having to challenge your tall defenders in the air for the ball) b) fall deep and press once ball reaches half way line / mid way in our half (could be good to combine with counter attacking) c) press as soon as the ball reaches opposing player X d) Guardiola's Barca had the famous 6 second rule where as soon as the ball is lost, the team had to try to recover it within few seconds, (since this is the time where it is most likely to recover the ball, until the opposing team control the ball and settle down)
  12. Totally agree with the original suggestion. Many ways and means of giving such added importance. Taking some additional real life examples: a) When you sign a new number 9 for example, (or number 10), there often seems to be reference and comparisons made to previous great number 9s (or 10s) of the same club (for example Milan buying Higuain and whether he will live up to the likes of Inzaghi, Weah, Van Basten etc). This could increase pressure on the player or boost motivation. b) When Milan sold their number 10 which was Rui Costa, the Managing Director of the time always says that five minutes later he received a call from Seedorf asking to be given the number 10 kit. The manager would need to to decide whether to accept that request (at the cost of a better number 10 being disappointed for not being considered) c) Zidane explained that when Real sold James Rodriguez, he asked the players in the dressing room to name that one player that they feel they could always give the ball to when they are in trouble knowing that this player will know what to do with the ball and how best to use it. He explained that almost all Real players had replied 'Modric' and this is how he gave him the number 10 kit. On a minor note (as probably the work involved would outweigh the once/twice in a career chance of doing this), another suggestion connected to shirt numbers is choosing to retire a shirt number. This can be for a definate (example some clubs choose for the number to remain free for two years after a player's retirement) or indefinate period. Some real life examples include Maldini, Baresi, Zanetti, and Maradona (even though Napoli had done this late in the day). Perhaps, this should be subject to Board approval by means of a number of requirements needing to be met for the Board to approve such request (such as having to meet a few of the following: the player was in clubs youth system, the player had high level of loyalty toward the club and played with the club for atleast 10 consecutive years, the player captained the team for many years, the player ranks very high in the all time standings of player appearances, the club has had a highly successful spell while the player played with the club, the player retired with the club, the player's ability ranks very highly compared to that of any other club player in their history etc etc)
  13. Hi, here are some generic questions about the editor: 1. Any idea why the number of PPMs has been decreased since FM08? 2. Can you not edit journalist personalities using the Data Editor? 3. Maybe more of a "data issues" question - but im noticing many Serie A real life first team players (apart from Milan, Inter and Juve players) have Current Abilities of 130-140. Dont you think this may be a bit low? Is there any type of guideline on this? Thanks in advance
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