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  1. Can't load FM2016 shortlists

    same for me, can't load or import?
  2. (Release) 180x180px Player & Staff Panel Mod

    cant get this to work? any special instructions or just as normal? **edit** never mind, working now. Quality!
  3. Yes that's my latest thinking. Going through the process of cleaning up the graphics now - only keeping one of everything now and deleting the old. Thanks for your help! Hopefully it works.
  4. yeh - checked them all. I think I'm going to have to download another facepack. Should I delete the one I have now or will it recognize the new one over the old. I just checked my game and now im missing some kits! aarghhhh!
  5. thanks dgibson, it may be that for the manager picture as i usually save it on day 1 after completing all my starting stuff (contracts, shortlists etc) then use another save from then on so I can go back to beginning if anything goes horribly wrong! Still cant explain the player pictures dissapearing though. I had read the FAQ thread obviously (i know how this works!) but cant find any answers although have found a couple of people with the same problem. An example for me wouold be Thomas Buffell is not showing, I have his face in my mega pack but he doesnt show at all, yet a bunch of players close by him in the mega pack are showing. Wierd? EDIT - Thomas is just an example - thera are a number of plsyers like him who are not showing up.
  6. ok , I never post on here but have been reading for years and despite limited computer knowledge I always seemed to find a fix somehow, thanks to posts from others, but this has me stumped! I've transferred over all my graphics (from FM 2010, or maybe even 09, can't remember which one) including megaface packs and logos and only some of the faces are showing. All the logos are showing but my manager photo comes and goes depending on reload, very inconsistent if I get it or not. alll files are in the right place and I've got the boxes ticked correctly in preferences. Does anyone have any ideas? I think it must be the config file is getting confused as I have a couple of different facepacks but have no idea how to correct it. Any help would be appreciated as it's spoiled a good start for me (just got a wonderkid regen within a week - never usually even look at regens till after 1st season, but an agent recommended him and snapped him up. lol) Game is brilliant with all the graphics but can't live without them - need help!
  7. Background assistance required!!

    ok - i found where I got the config file - http://www.sortitoutsi.net/2008/graphics/downloads/5090/Team%20and%20Stadium%20Config%20file%20pack problem is my scottish stadiums are not showing up now! AARGHH!
  8. Background assistance required!!

    Wow - I think I got it! I downloaded a new configs file (can't remember where from though, it was last night) - so I replaced the config file and it's working! When I click on a team it goes to their photo!! Thing is the config file looks identical! Thanks for your patience and help Abs UK - you got me nearly there, luck got me the rest of the way! If I remember where I got the configs file I'll post it for anyone else having the problem.
  9. Background assistance required!!

    no luck! changed it but now not even the first stadium (Anfield ) is coming up
  10. Background assistance required!!

    not sure how to make changes to it. When I click on it, it comes up as a internet page and I can't make changes to it.???
  11. Background assistance required!!

    - <record> - <!-- resource manager options --> - <!-- dont preload or cache anything in this folder --> <boolean id="preload" value="false" /> <boolean id="cache" value="false" /> - <!-- turn on auto mapping --> <boolean id="amap" value="true" /> - <list id="maps"> - <!-- Premiership teams --> <record from="arsenal" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/5114336/background" /> <record from="aston villa" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/603/background" /> <record from="birmingham" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/609/background" /> <record from="blackburn" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/612/background" /> <record from="bolton" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/614/background" /> <record from="chelsea" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/630/background" /> <record from="derby" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/107145/background" /> <record from="everton" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/650/background" /> <record from="fulham" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/654/background" /> <record from="liverpool" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/676/background" /> <record from="man city" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/5114325/background" /> <record from="man utd" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/680/background" /> <record from="middlesbrough" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/685/background" /> <record from="newcastle" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/688/background" /> <record from="portsmouth" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/699/background" /> <record from="sunderland" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/722/background" /> <record from="tottenham" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/728/background" /> <record from="west ham" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/735/background" /> <record from="reading" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/4800054/background" /> <record from="wigan" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/737/background" /> <record from="wembley" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/102969/background" /> </list> </record>
  12. Background assistance required!!

    still have the problem - checked all your recommendations and everything is good. Heard something about a FM Graphics Configurator? Know anything about that?
  13. Background assistance required!!

    thanks! I had a Liverpool background that was not coming up so I've deleted it - I'm about to load up and see if that works!
  14. Background assistance required!!

    I put them in C:\Documents and Settings\my name\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009\graphics\backgrounds
  15. Background assistance required!!

    Hi All, how do you get the baground screen to revert back to the "normal" screen after you have played a game. ie. when i play at Anfield the background i have for Anfield stays up on the screen for the next week until I play somewhere else.