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  1. I think there's quite a few of them. Remember seeing a thread for them before.
  2. Moneyball Strategy?

    This is true for real football. But I think it may work for FM. In the end, the way any result is calculated in FM can only be through pure mathematics surely, with a touch of randomness.
  3. Moneyball Strategy?

    That's so weird I was just thinking about a moneyball strategy a few days ago and about posting a thread.
  4. Some sort of relationship map would be nice. Can see how players, staff feel towards each other and pick out players that clearly disrupt the team atmosphere.
  5. Slovakian adventure - SFM Senec

    Enjoyable thread. Keep it coming.
  6. How Far to Asgaard? (Take 2)

    The name of your club does not look the easiest to pronounce. Anyhow, looking forward to updates.
  7. From a nobody to an international?

    Read in one of the career threads that their scouts picked up a regen who had never signed for any club. They were in like league 2 or BSP and signed him. Sold him to Man Utd for around £100k but he's now worth £25 mill and an England international.
  8. AcidBurn that video made me laugh hard.
  9. To be fair I remember Greece winning the European cup
  10. So Brooks is worth £25 mill now? Did you add in a sell on clause by the way? If so best hope to god that Man Utd cash in on him!
  11. San Marino - The Ultimate Challenge!

    Just want to say fantastic thread. Can't wait to see you get into last 16 of Euro or Champs league.
  12. An European Journeyman Adventure

    Very much enjoying your career. Keep it up!
  13. Scottish Club to go

    I'm playing a Dundee United save I started a few days ago. It's been amazing. 3 seasons in with two 3rd place finishes. Am going to find it hard to break the old firm monopoly I think. Sold a lot of the players I have as I am trying to build a bank up. Hard to keep within the wage structure though. Pulled of Europa group stages as well.
  14. [FM11] Malta

    Good luck with it. Looking forward to seeing Malta win the world cup.
  15. San Marino

    Surely you shouldn't resign from the international post then. Should trust yourself to raise the countries rank over any AI manager.