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  1. These are my three best right now: Carlos is simply unreal, with incredible stats on both offense and defense. He currently pulls the strings as my defensive midfielder. Jorge is only 21, and has already be named English Footballer of the Year, World Football of the Year, World Player of the Year, European Football of the Year, and European Midfielder of the Year. Scott is my captain, and is also captain of England. He is simply an amazing poacher.
  2. A few notes: I am on 10.3 I'm taking this as a challenge actually, and rather happy about it since I am in both tournaments (originally I thought I was only in EURO cup). My squad is large, I play a heavy rotation system already - so I should be decent provided I don't have any big injuries. I'm 5 seasons in, and I have old players like John Terry, Frank Lampard, Joe Cole, and Robinho who don't play any matches...so they can backfill my squad. Very interested to see what happens if I win both tournaments.
  3. Yup, found out this happened to me too. Guess I need to buy a couple players The big question is going to be...if I win the Euro Cup AND Champions League, who will play in the EURO Super Cup?
  4. Basically what the title says. I've probably played over 100 seasons of FM in my life, and never encountered this. I'm playing as Chelsea in the Premier League. I won the premier league, AND the champions league, and I have the 3rd highest European co-efficient. For whatever reason, it has me playing in the group stage of the Euro Cup along with the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th placed English teams from the previous season. Only the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th placed teams from the previous season are in the Champions League. The Champions League Group Stage draw hasn't occured yet, only the Euro Cup has. The strangest thing about this, is when I look at the seeded teams for the Champions League, it says I am in the group stage, and when I look at the seeded teams for the Euro Cup, it doesn't even include me! Here are the 4 pictures which best tell the story. Anyone have any idea whats up?
  5. That. Pipped out a win 1-0 in the 88th minute against Tottenham with my "B" squad. Controlled the Madrid game and won 1-0 again. Still find the scheduling ridiculous.
  6. Not sure how this is possible, but I've been scheduled two games in two days. In probably 50+ seasons of playing FM lifetime, I've never had this happen to me. Sucks...they are both important games.
  7. Why are people already able to download this? All it says on my stream is "Pre-load complete; unreleased."?
  8. Whenever I start the game from Steam, right after the loading screen finishes a multi-colored box appears in the lower right and never disappears. I can reload the skin and it will stay there, above everything. It doesn't show up until the last advertisement. Any ideas? I attached a screenshot.
  9. Anyone playing it in the United States yet? It's 12:04am Tuesday West Coast time and it's not showing up for met yet.
  10. Steam

    I am in California. So I have to wait until TUESDAY? BS!
  11. Steam

    Well that sucks BIG TIME. Does anybody know how long it will be until I can download the game? Is there a number I can call or a customer service e-mail I can send to? I can put up with the problems of trying to activate it, but I just need the download. Just says "not yet released" under my games in steam. HELP!
  12. Steam

    I bought FM on steam about 24 hours ago. It led me to believe I could download it immediately, but it still says "Not yet released" under the status in steam under "my games" Is this because I technically did not "pre-order" and it will be available at midnight tonight - or is this a flaw?