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  1. Think heads need to roll for this. Dont know what you were trying to achieve with all this, as you have failed all your loyal followers, who have wasted there hard earned cash on this pile of cack. I have given up on everything and given on on you especially marc i can see your trying your best to answer all the questions but you seem to be ignoring most, as you can see i am very wound up over this as im assuming is everyone else here.
  2. I bought this game yesterday morning and im still trying to get the game working. What was wrong with just putting the disk in and install? Why over complicate things? I paid £30 for this game and wasted about 16 solid hours tryin to get play it. (trying hard not to swear here). I think you have failed us all. Obviously its not just happening to me its happening to 1000s world wide so i hope your proud of yourselves. I will be getting a refund tomorrow as this is all b****cks.