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  1. IT WORKS!!!!!!! OMG IT WORKS!!!! well lets hope no other issues come up
  2. any updates on this bloody auth and no internet connection??? please for god sake
  3. going to bed now, can some please fix this over night so i can have a fun sunday :S
  4. any news yet please on not connecting issue, im starting to get really up setup now
  5. Do you want us to start up a new one for the constant issue of not connecting when authing?
  6. Same as Jaygo and villalad i miss FM
  7. marc i am afraid that fix still does not work for internet connection :s
  8. Thank u marc. Really impressed by u guys.
  9. Any news on help for me and jaygo
  10. Marc it does not come up that propmt! How do i activate it by phone *cries*
  11. Mark i really need some help, i tried everything im not doing anything wrong. Nothing happens when open it IE7, please help
  12. any news on me marc, i think other ppl having the same problems this is really aint fair
  13. Ill try bloody phone whats the number for that!! grrrrrrr