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  1. Sorry, I don't want to hijack the thread, but how would you setup the roles in a 4231 if your are against defensive teams? Is there a video or a thread where you explain this?
  2. What happened to the Opposition Instructions screen? It's not customizable any more. I don't like how some screens are scrolled in.
  3. You can buy a download version in U.K. and activate it in Germany.
  4. Yes, this is very annoying. It has worked in FM13.
  5. I would like to import my current FM2013 club to the new FM. So I could compete with the actual top clubs.
  6. Unfortunately here too. The 'AI' is nearly nonexistent. I have seen Dortmund playing a whole season with two central defenders only, Bayern a half year with one striker and so on. The only clubs which are heavily investing are the English. Even Barcelona is going down, because they bought not enough players.
  7. You are right. I mod my game every year to get bigger fonts. The text is way to small on 24".
  8. I'm using a bigger font. How can I make these menus bigger or move the text? Thanks.
  9. I had the same problem. You have to simply rename or delete "calendar timeline view.xml" in the panels folder of your skin. I won't change this file anyway.
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