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  1. I know what you mean, But i dont understand why we owe you compensation if he resigned?
  2. Just depends on the wage bill and getting rid of people like Johnson and O'hara
  3. Would of rather'd Davis instead of Jackett but oh well
  4. Finally got Jackett as our manager now, Pretty pleased with his appointment.
  5. I'm not sure, I think Hennessey is on about 15k a week, But because he has been injured for the last year he'd need at least half a season with us before any moves. I'm really hopefully Mclainden plays some games this season, He's played really well in the U21's and alot of people have been saying he is better than Cassidy! Is there any deadline you guys have before you can announce where you will be playing?
  6. I'm really glad Sigurdsson will be staying, He has got such a bright future with us, Plus we have Boukari who was ment to be better than Sako until he got injured, and Hennessey will be back from injury. Just got a bad feeling we will struggle and end up just outside the play offs. Also alot of rumours on Wolves messege boards we may be doing a groundshare with you guys?!
  7. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Buonanotte Your Team: Wolves Buyer/Seller: West Ham Player's Value: 5.25M Offer: 12M Transfer/Wage Budget: 14m Patch: 10.1.1 Season: 2nd Season, Jan Window Ive got Di Maria at LW but ive been using Buonanotte as a RW
  8. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Nenad Milijas Your Team: Wolves Buyer/Seller: Spurs/Arsenal Player's Value: £4.5m Offer: 10m + 5m over 12 months Budget: £23m He's been outstanding for me the last 2 seasons winning Fans player of the year etc and averaging 7.5 a season
  9. Stefan Maierhofer from Rapid Vienna at any point of the game please
  10. Stefan Maierhofer from Rapid Vienna
  11. Nenad Milijas at any point in the game. Thanks
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