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  1. Beginning to get very frustrated with the lack of improvements in the transfer model. AI make pathetic bids for your best players and expect overpayments for poor players. My players are constantly moaning i'm not accepting low bids for them. To make things worse the squad is moaning about not letting the players leave and then moaning again when i finally sell them at an acceptable value. They can't have it both ways and can only see this a bug, it is frustrating and morale is up and down week to week through the transfer window.
  2. I've used a mixture of tactics, currently using Knap 424 press. Finding Gladbach are a great home team. struggling away quite a lot lately some terrible results. Plea is great signing this season always found gladbach are good team just missing a goalscoring striker. Career updates 2nd Season - 5th Bundlesliga & Europa League winners Aiming for progress and get back into the Champions League. Struggled away from home against a lot of the mid table teams, dropping a lot of points so had to settle for 5th. Different story in the Europa League the team just kept finding a way to win. Last 4 was all german teams. Final versus Leverkusen. Which got us back in the CL. Season 3 - 2nd Bundesliga & DFB Cup winners Much improved away from home allowed a title challenge which failed with only 7 points picked up in the final 5 games to lose out by 2 points. Favourable draws in the cup lead to a second trophy in 2 seasons.
  3. there are available editor files that unlock the Regionaliga leagues (link below). i would recommend them as otherwise you have to hope your reverse team gets promoted to Liga 3. http://www.meistertrainerforum.de/index.php/topic,25827.0.html
  4. Ikendz best to restart your save if not too far into it. There is a data league edit for the lower leagues on the german fm forum. Makes a longer term save much more interesting with the second team playable. http://www.meistertrainerforum.de/index.php/topic,25827.0.html
  5. Update now the full game is out. Started as Gladbach. Not much to spend in the first window. So only managed to bring in Mangala on loan and a couple of free transfers to boost the squad numbers and allow some of the youngsters to drop to the second team and i have unlocked the lower leagues. Making the second team playable which will allow the investment in youth players coming through. Only played few games of the season. Results little mixed. Disappointing start with a home loss to Leverkusen after dominating the whole game. Since followed that up with a 6-0 battering of Schalke. Look forward to reading other careers.
  6. Can you use FM18 editor data files with FM19 as i've created the folder and dropped them in but within the editor it doesn't think they exist. Any solutions?
  7. good start to the season @calcal look forward to reading about your season. tough in bundesliga 2 with big teams Koln & Hamburg in there this season. Can't wait for the full game and editor tonight and can start as Gladbach.
  8. which pack are you using for those background images and where are the from?
  9. the league cup has no prize money with winning each round. making LLM games much more difficult
  10. you can usually find the majority of countries lower league divisions (unplayable) on the steam workshop. Levels 3/4 in germany contain the bigger teams reverse teams so you can produce better youth players as they are playing senior games every week.
  11. Any ideas why the team bar at the top of my game isnt coloured like everyone elses screenshots. Am using 1440 x 900 res as on macbook pro screen.
  12. great reading everyones games. will look to contribute once the full game is out. Will start with my partners beloved gladbach. Found need the full game to get the german lower leagues to make this a much more enjoyable long term save. First plan to get gladbach back into european football and build from there.
  13. nope that didn't work. tried uninstalling and reinstalling still no change.
  14. My FM updated to the new hotfix after updating steam and the game and loading up my beta save the squad view is now blank. has anyone else had this issue.
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