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  1. Its impossible read barcelona player's headers. The colours look too similar.
  2. very true, and luckly I only needed a point for promotion.
  3. no some how I went 3-1 down.....at one point i had 4 clear cut chances to their 1! And I was still losing...
  4. Just wasn't our day in defence, and the sad fact is I couldn't really blame my poor keeper. (one of the goals took 3 deflections.)
  5. Game Ethics question

    you guys are right. though its so annoying. Bloody Steven Taylor!
  6. I need some opinions.... I am currently 3rd in my 3rd season on FM with newcastle, this is the first season that I have managed to find some consistency with my young squad and it looks like I will make europe for the first time. I played liverpool (6th on 48 points, i have 54) at home, and won easily 2-1, we dominated for most of the game and they got a lucky goal in the end. leaving me with a 4 point gap over 4th! Anyways i go to leave the match and game crashes. Fair dos, it happens. I save weekly so I just have to replay liverpool. So i replay liverpool and dominate the first half again, lead 1-0 at the break. Then my clever centre half gets a red....and consequently i am now down to 10. I draw the game 1-1, and lose a further 3 players to injury. I then play blackburn the following tuesday, with a makeshift backline and lose. Leaving me with no gap between us and 7th. Now should I replay the liverpool game? i mean I can handle dropping the liverpool points, but its the fact that i lost so many players for the following game that really hurts. i mean technically that would be cheating, but its not my fault that the game crashed..... Thoughts?
  7. Disgrace

    SI made the decision to use the activation software, not me, the consumer. The only thing I want to do is play the game on the day of release. Nothing else. Considering I have managed to do this for pretty much every for other version, I wouldnt call that a high standard. I have paid for the game, I haven't downloaded it illegally. why shouldnt I be able to play it. Blizzard managed to release WoW expansion without any major problems, and they have much higher user base.
  8. Disgrace

    Thanks for wasting my time. how hard is it to set a system where people activate over a period of time.
  9. Disgrace

    Chris I am sorry, but this is a joke. I have wasted a day of annual leave for this piece of crap.
  10. couldnt you guys have just given us a 3 days free trial? that would prevent the rush.
  11. SoftAnchor Online Activation.

    i have the same problem as jim. this is so frustrating. all i want to do play a game i have brought......grrrr
  12. Windows Vista Ultimate problems

    have you got any special characters in your username for vista. there was a issue with this. one other point, dont have time to read all of the thread...., but have you got the latest graphics drivers? - this is really important for the 08 release.
  13. I Fear This May Come True!

    Actually you are wrong. As team that is working on FML is infact the same team that was working the NHL Eastside Hockey manager. (Not including the Ov of course...) More to the point, SI are owned by SEGA, so any new projects are going to be funded by SEGA. So if a new idea comes along to make a new game, it will be funded through a different budget and backed (financially) by the whole business not just the SI team.
  14. Is that where the teaser image is? If so I cant access that.... ....shame oh well Ill have to wait till I get home!
  15. Any chance someone could give a direct link to the image Miles mentioned. the home page is blocked for me Thanks