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  1. Any screen ? Seems weird. Please try at 100% and let me know.
  2. Please answer those questions : 1. What is your screen resolution ? 2. Do you play zoomed, eg. 125% ? 3. Do you play the latest version (19.3.4), go to FM>About FM to know ? 4. Did it crashes when you go to a particular screen ? (Cioe', si blocca sempre quando si passa allo stesso schermo?)
  3. I play it from weeks without any crash dump, tried all main screen resolutions, windowed or full screen. Does it crash when you go to a particular panel ?
  4. Helvetica 19 Dark Mod. Made from Keysi Rensie Dark skin. Thank you very much. Main changes : Your favorite font is back : Helvetica Neue Background, boxes, buttons, fonts and sidebar colours. Player overview panel revamped. I won't take requests, unless something needs a fix. See you next year 25.04.2019 https://www.mediafire.com/file/a8j6ve4n6u235pe/Helvetica_19_Dark.zip/file
  5. Nice to see that the skin is still alive, thanks people I'm still around and will release a new improved one (thinking about some features i wanted to implement) for the 2017 edition. See you soon !
  6. Think about it : when you read a book, or a magazine, do you feel bad when reading pure black texts on white background ? The same when working with Word or Excel. Or even : would you imagine Google or your favorite news site with a dark baground and white texts ? The fact is that the right way to read, especially on a screen, is to get a light background with black texts. The opposite is a pure nonsense. Mine are not pure black, let's say 80% black to keep a good contrast. If you find it too bright, you certainly have to calibrate your screen Regardless, you can edit the .../settings/settings.xml file by playing with RGB values from line 24 : <!-- UI colours --> <!-- These colours are used to recolour the appearance graphics used throughout the game, by replacing the red, green and blues of the graphics. --> <!-- This allows fast creation of different colour schemes without having to modify and re-export the graphic assets --> <colour name="ui_background" red="238" green="238" blue="238" /> <!-- Main UI background - red_replacement --> <colour name="match_background" red="56" green="62" blue="82"/> <!-- Main UI background - red_replacement --> <colour name="dialog_background" red="21" green="23" blue="30"/> <!-- Dialog box background - red_replacement --> <!-- Main UI Header --> <colour name="ui_header_background" red="235" green="235" blue="235"/> <!-- UI header background - red_replacement --> <colour name="ui_header_border" red="200" green="200" blue="200"/> <!-- UI header borders - blue_replacement --> <colour name="ui_header_shadow" red="220" green="220" blue="220"/> <!-- UI header shadow - green_replacement -->
  7. To Jaradthescot and Th3answer82 : yes, that's because you are on low resolutions. The skin is made to be used at a +1600 resolution. Now, i don't remember if i have touched something in this panel, i can look and provide you an alternative panel, interested ?
  8. You have to buy the ingame editor to show CA/PA attributes.
  9. I don't know because the font used (helvetica neue ots) provides cyrillic alphabet...
  10. Delete this file : ...\helveticalite2016\graphics\tabs\standard\normal\top\button.xml
  11. Yes, delete this part in client object browser.xml, from line 136 : <!--instant match button--> <widget class="icon_button" id="INST" width="150" appearance="buttons/custom/instant/button" alignment="centre" font="fonts/continue" secondary_icon_enabled="true" secondary_icon="icons/16px/continue" secondary_icon_alignment="centre_right, centre_y" size="10"> <record id="secondary_icon_properties" red_replacement="ui_header_icons"/> <translation id="text" translation_id="339740" type="use" value="Instant Result" /> <record id="click_event" event_id="INST" event_target="glob" /> <attachment class="test_global_attachment" get_property="sect" mode="1" set_property="hidn"> <list id="value"> <integer value="phtc" /> <integer value="PhcP" /> <integer value="PhcS" /> <integer value="PhcN" /> <integer value="PhcC" /> <integer value="PhcF" /> <integer value="patc" /> <integer value="PacP" /> <integer value="PacS" /> <integer value="PacN" /> <integer value="PacC" /> <integer value="PacF" /> </list> </attachment> </widget>
  12. It means that you have to download a font which provide a full glyphs coverage, in particular Turkish and Central europe diacritics. So, when looking at a particular font, look at the glyphs table.
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