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  1. so it'll be 2020 before liverpool win another league then im in Dec 09 with the mighty Barrow AFC. after about 5 hours im 6th, 7 points off play offs. i love this game!
  2. Game too slow

    I have 512 RAM. playing medium database on full English Leagues and its actually pretty quick for some reason. I obviously cant have 3d match but 2d is pretty quick ive played about 6 games so far in hour and half (thats with pottering about buying players etc (or should I say trying to loan players as im the mighty Barrow AFC!!) Come on Bluebirds!
  3. Why I so love my Girlfriend

    even more time to play FM 2010! Wish that would happen to me
  4. the file for direct x is 400 odd MB, but after 106mb my download completed and asked me to open file like it usually does....anyone else had this? 106mb took me 2 half hours! im not happy at all
  5. why would, after installing it, the game not even launch via shortcut or locating file themselves? will direct x download do anything for this? the patch is installed
  6. exactly. thats not a dig at the tech guys on here who are doing the best. I said the exact same thing to my mate and his reply was "the big cheeses dont seem to care, they just think that they can resolve any problems by releasing updates or patches after the release, but what about those people who are not connected to the internet" and this is the case with my other mate. he' connected on dial up, Direct X is currently taking me 10 hours to download via my wireless broadband therefore dial up would be incredible. I think a refund for those people who not go a miss
  7. and this is for problem 1 where it wont launch? i havent tried that but will give it a go when i pop round my mates
  8. 1. My mate who has not got the internet has installed the game but it wont launch. basically he clicks on the shortcut and nothing happens and goes thru the my computer to find the file, clicks on that and nothing happens even after uninstalling and re-installing it many times. (also after I gave him the patch by writing onto a disk) 2. On mine, my screen flickers and jumps all the time. why is this? is this something to do with my graphics? im using my laptop and im not a technical person usually I just put the disk in and away we go please you can PM with any response
  9. to be honest, I know its not tech guys faults, but whoever decide to release this game with so many issues should ensure there are people on hand 24/7 to deal with the reprucussions. one of my mates text me last night and said "f*ck this im going buy Championship Manager" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  10. Hi Blades 75, I got exactly the same message but also got that on FM08 and that worked fine. Im playing FM09 and its working (albeit as slow as the fattest snail in the garden who wasnt particularly known for his speed when he was thin anyways and now he's fat, its even worse) But i know 2 mates who have this error.....they've installed the game and everything is fine but when trying to launch it, nothing happens, either thru the shortcut or going thru my computer. as im at work and cant really go through all the posts, has there been any solution to this? is this something the patch corrects?