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  1. I say stick it out, if you have another season in you. At 26 games it seems like the seasons are relatively short, so you can always move on quickly if things don't go any better.
  2. This makes me very happy - I started my FM21 save with these after they sacked their manager. This is my first crack at Football Manager since FM15, so a lot has changed and my 18 months in South Wales reflected a very steep learning curve. After a disastrous first full season, in which I was expected to finish in the top 4, I staved off relegation as well as the sack. Unsurprisingly a new contract was not forthcoming and I left for pastures new. I'm now at Stranraer, who had just finished second bottom of the Scottish League Two where I'm expected to "be competitive". Like many in here I
  3. It's a great idea. I also like the concept of taking this even further and eventually reaching a point of diminishing returns. As in real life you'll have managers mix up their backroom staff in order to get fresh ideas.
  4. Absolutely agree with these two pieces of advice. Recently joined a new team in my save, and the first thing I did was to work through the various pages of advice from my coaching staff on who my best players and what their strengths are. This helped me figure out how I'm going to win games. I'll identify the weaknesses in my team and look to mitigate my flaws i.e. how I'm most likely to lose a game. As it happens my team is incredibly front heavy, which meant adopting the 4-2-3-1 so that I could feature the array of attacking options I have. Unfortunately, my team are terrible at ev
  5. Just a heads up, but Box look like they've updated all their prices with Black Friday deals for those in the market. Might be the difference to upgrading to the next model up.
  6. Thanks both, really helpful as ever. Certainly a lot to mull over before pulling the trigger. Always found it incredibly difficult to decipher the difference in performance between all the different but very similar numbers!
  7. That one is more hopeful, so can absolutely park it if necessary. Ideally around the £1,000 mark, but would be willing to go a bit higher if I can consider it an long term investment.
  8. It's a fair point. It'd be £500 at the price I could get it, so I guess it's a question of longevity really. Is the extra spec going to future proof enough that I'm not needing to upgrade as soon, thus eliminating the need for an earlier upgrade later.
  9. Assetto Corsa, ACC, Automobilista 2. There is an element of trying to future proof myself too, but it might be the HP does that sufficiently.
  10. Hey guys, Firstly, thanks for all the hard work so far. This thread has really helped me in my search for a new laptop. I think I've narrowed it down to this HP one on Box, but but I have a slight hesitation as to whether I'd want a bit more punch on the GPU. I've also found this Lenovo (price is £100 lower on Overclockers), which whilst more than I'd originally intended does appear to hit each of the desired components. Basically, is the extra GPU worth the extra cash, or is the HP perfectly up to scratch and is the switch from the AMD to Intel worth it to achieve it. For what
  11. Hamilton Accies job just came up in the first season and I've noticed that whilst their predicted position is 11th (which is the position they occupy in the table), their chairman is expecting the team to win the Premiership title. I'm not 100% up to speed on Scottish football, but I'm guessing Hamilton aren't actually on the cusp of breaking the Old FIrm monopoly any time soon?
  12. After setting up and skipping through a month or two Margate of the Vanarama South are the (un)fortunate team to get me up and running. A nice return to my home county and one that I don't actually dislike!
  13. You're not alone, I also thought this. Might have to rethink my possession tactics going forward.
  14. I like that, it has the unnecessarily realistic approach I like to take into my games too!
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