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  1. To update; my calendar returned upon next season reset, thankfully, missed it.
  2. So as title says I am now with an empty calendar and its something that I use a lot/is full of needed information so would be extremely grateful if could be returned to normal as soon as possible, not sure what information is needed, am on latest update 20.4.1-1363262 (m.e v2040) and on FM dark skin Uploaded save to SI cloud thing, hopefully, named; Lothar Kaiser - Stuttgart
  3. On the someone from SI or like haven't/don't comment on such, I should say Miles replied to my tweet to him on the tweeter about newgen faces. Obviously he isn't going to agree with my, and others, view on them not being of a good enough quality, especially at this point of time, but thought I should give him credit for replying despite being in disagreement. Still at this point, as am such a visual guy with my FM, and as FM16 for me is still good enough to play, this is game breaking as simply can't bring self to cope with the look of these or to turn pics off, as that would kill enjoyment of game even more so.
  4. Was very much hoping to upgrade from 16 this year to 19 but the newgen/regen faces seen thus far just aren't good enough, those ones above all look like have man flu. Heard they were due to be much better than in 18, sure that they may be but that doesn't make them good or even something I am willing to cope with. Sure I could turn them off but for me I am a very visual person and to get into a long term save it's really vital for immersion. Sadly seems i'll be going back to my Rubin Kazan save on FM16, which has manageable faces to deal with thanks to addition of some hair pack, please do something for FM20, I even play a baseball management sim with better newgen faces. Hopefully haven't seen enough and am wrong mind.
  5. Had a proud comeback moment last night in my Arsenal save; No idea what happened to our fine form going into that game; But didn't we do well at home, good game good game.
  6. Sorry for late reply, been off FM for while till today, here is screenshot; Played in 3 cup games in each of his first two seasons, plus one league game in 2nd, then played 34 games overall last term, simply outperformed the final season playing Cech, and is now first choice ahead of Rajkovic this campaign. Tis young but came down to simply him performing well, think Cech was injured for while and so he came in for month, then found it hard to not play him ahead of Cech, so had Cech play lesser league games whilst Drago got the bigger fixtures and among them were the CL ones. A must sign imo.
  7. My start to 2018/19 season is going decently, drew two out of 3 Champions League games and drew one in Prem, but no defeats and as this season is off the back of a World Cup I'll take it, only real downside was the loss of Ozil after 3 games, damaged his Achilles Tendon and was out for 3/4 months. Think he is back in 5 weeks now, am just into November, Alexis our star man, has like 7 goals, 5 assists, 4 man of matches in about 9 games, with a 8.22 avg, reckon he'll be fighting with Messi and Ron again for Balloon Door award honours.
  8. To be fair, per head you actually come out tad worse in spending Spike compared with Scribe, still both in the £12m range mind, which is lots.
  9. Also why you've 15 bloody players on Balloon Door shortlist! On the money front; Decent profit me thinks, deal for Højbjerg wasn't actually just £7.5m, had £7.5m clauses for both 50 games and 50 goals (didn't reach either as can see), but still, really didn't expect anyone to come back with the £60m offer I threw out to clubs, tis City mind, L'pool tried with £30m but were slightly out bidded. And yes Scribe, you have spent a pretty penny, mine thus far;
  10. Got a lot of youthards of a regen nature signed from elsewhere, none currently on edge of breaking through into first team, most will be off on loan for a season or two before such, but do have high hopes for this French lad whom is in our U18 team at moment, think his transfer was the last piece of business conducted by Wenger before he retired;
  11. Sadly not had any good true home grown products thus far, with this lad being the only one that has even progressed to the U21 team level;
  12. Squad for 2018/19 season coming along nicely, got bit carried away with signings mind with big additions of Alli, Sterling, Bale (wasn't planned but saw L'pool have a £25m rising to £30m offer accepted and felt was too good to allow them to get) and Martial, but they have allowed me to send out younger players to get full playing seasons, then on the outs have been Cech and Cazorla, sadly, however needed to give more time to previous backup/reserves/rotational players, especially in goal as Dragowski was outstanding last term and became starter for bigger games in end.
  13. Been off FM for few weeks but returned yesterday to finish off me 2017/18 season, twas decent like, time to sort squad for next campaign. Got 6 players in CL dream team, happy with that (Dragowski, Bellerin, Shaw, Barkley, Ozil & Sanchez).
  14. Yeah Alexis plays uptop as a Complete Forward for me, I posted a pic of our formation and roles couple of days ago so just look back few posts to see.
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