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  1. I emailed cdkeys.com and they didn't seem sure if this came with the BETA access or not, so I don't know. Might be worth paying the slightly more expensive prices if you want to make sure 100% you get BETA access.
  2. Good offer on cdkeys.com. £22.99 or £21.84 using code CDK0909. Link: http://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/football-manager-2014-pc-cd-key-steam
  3. Give it time and hopefully a few other places will be cheaper. Best is Game Seek for £24.75 and then free delivery using the code 'MISSYOU'. Although that is for a boxed version not digital. If anyone can find any cheaper, please update. Sadly GMG seem to be out of the loop this year with £26.25 at best, which isn't exactly cheap.
  4. Does anyone know any site that is a partner for the BETA and are offering at a cheaper price than £35? Just way too expensive for me unless it's around the £25-30 price range. I think last year Green Man Gaming did an offer on here for a while. Maybe something similar this year?
  5. I think if a FM game was ever to be successful on next-gen consoles, it would have to be released as a digital Xbox Live Arcade style-game, and probably more to the challenge style focus of the portable version. I say that because there is no way console gamers are going to pay £35 for FM on consoles when they could get Fifa for that price instead. It's a different audience with different tastes.
  6. This time of year is a tough time for gamers. You find yourself in the situation where you have the balancing act of what games to buy and how you're going to find the free time to play them all. It becomes even worse when you literally have a AAA game released each week. FM is no different. It is a video game. So you have a difficult decision to make if you own a PC + 360/PS3. As a big FM fan, I will still find the time somehow, but I just hope it's either released around the end of October, or if not, then towards the end of November so it can get the attention it deserves.
  7. I'd imagine it's just a guess, but either way, the game is going to have it tough if it releases in between Halo 4 and Black Ops 2, the biggest game releases on any platform this year! Let's hope they can get it out around the end of October, before the onslaught begins!
  8. Can't say no to that price. Now to just wait for an actual release date! Hopefully not around the same time as COD again please!
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