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  1. Where has the fun gone?

    while growing up i never had much interest in football i was strange like that but everyday befor and after school i used to cross the road and go to my friends house to play cm07/08 i couldnt get enough of it my mum and dad used to say if your not in for your tea at 5.30pm you go without many a nights i went bed with a slice of bread i pinched out of the bread bin because of cm07/08 what im saying is that game got me hooked and interested in football and boy did i suffer in cm07/08 if i remember correctly you just chose your formation made sure you had the best players and off you went simple has that why did i get such a buzz off this game? its because it was chuffin enjoyable and very easy and thats what i belive these games are about you need to get some enjoyment out of the game not turn it off when you get man utd away because you havnt got a bloody clue what your doing and your scared of getting a pasting off the big boys i personally have not got a clue what im doing 99% of the time but i still play it because its the game i grew up with but i dont enjoy it one bit in fact im scared to turn it on!!!
  2. to all the moaners including myself here is my take on things si do there best by listening to the fans and working with what they have they are a small buisness making the best football management sim on the market yes we all get fed up somtimes and we all have a moan including myself but if you really want rid of all these problems you talk about then si would need to invest big time thus turning a small buisness into a large one thus we have a game like fifa manager not fm so id say give them a break and thank your lucky stars because i do and so do thousands of others. p.s. ive never ran a buisness and dont have anyidea how to and my take on si and how they run there buisness is just an example:D
  3. Need help with Sergio Aguero

    sorry what was i thinking im so tierd go with bojan
  4. Need help with Sergio Aguero

    steve claridge is a good choice
  5. i like the DM position best seems to stand out loads and gets good ratings
  6. Press on drugs or a bug?

    same here sorry
  7. Press on drugs or a bug?

    dont be to hasty i noticed that there going through a bit of a bad run maybe there saying they have been dissapointing because of that thats my theorie
  8. me to, compared to 2D classic its much much better.:o
  9. dont know what it is about 3D but i just carnt get on with it at the moment, and i could never go back to fm08 because of the 2D pitch it as, were as 2D pitch in tv mode i love because its alot bigger and the dots are alot smaller.
  10. yes there is oops i forgot one sorry lol
  11. ive read a quite a few post and lots of people are saying they carnt use 3D so they use 2D but then there are quite a few people saying they dont like 2D tv view and they want the old style 2D pitch back but im sure thats allready available. what im asking is which do you prefer and why. me personally hate the 3D but love the 2D tv view and dislike 2D classic. your thoughts please cave canem:p
  12. saulty2805

    haha u are an idiot go chat on yahoo or somthing
  13. what it means is they dont want to sell the lad so they do exactly what we do try and negostiate silly prices the system is not flawed
  14. data editor

    try doing a search for it. to do this press start then search, choose all files and folders then see if that finds it
  15. data editor

    if your on xp then you just press start bottom left sports interactive then follow the arrows there you have it hope that helped