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  1. Still nervous… Why do we always look uncomfortable even though we are comfortable.
  2. I know it's only Andorra but 3 points! Cyprus as well winning is huge. Set optimism levels to maximum.
  3. What would be a good 2 player game? EG Rivals, Title Challengers, Same City Teams etc…
  4. Have you thought about taking over another club in Wales to try and topple your own dominance? Now that would be some challenge!
  5. Loving this, how are the other welsh teams doing in Europe? It's a shame a tycoon hasn't come in for a welsh team now and tried to challenge you knowing they go directly into group stage of CL.
  6. Has the TV money/league position prize money increased with the higher rep of the WPL now?
  7. Their badge looks awfully similar to Swansea City's badge!
  8. Thanks for the help guys, most appreciated.
  9. Is it possible to see which teams have recently had a board takeover? 5 seasons in and would like to see if anyone has had a new board!
  10. Picking up a lot of bookings with this tactic, anyone else having the same or if there is anyway to rectify it?
  11. I am very nervous tonight, not been this nervous since the play-offs. Please let us have this one, you won the Champions League last year
  12. I am currently running an online game however we have switched the person who is running it and now they are in control of my team. Is there anyway to switch control? So I can take control of my team again?
  13. That's brilliant, thank you for the reply.
  14. So I have created a new league with the top division have a rep of around 115-120. However I have done a couple of tests but the value of the players at the teams are around £150 to £100,000. What would be causing their values to be so low? Club reps range from 6200-5400.