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  1. MacLovin

    The 2014 NFL Thread

    Raiders… please just be good.
  2. Still nervous… Why do we always look uncomfortable even though we are comfortable.
  3. MacLovin

    The FIFA 15 Thread

    I'm not one for moaning and I generally tut at people who complain at games however… this FIFA is terrible. Visually it looks great and I love the atmosphere but the gameplay is horrendous. The AI are seamless bots but the AI on my team are clueless being pulled out of position. Also playing against Burnley is exactly the same as playing Chelsea, every game feels the same theres no difference between the opposition.
  4. I know it's only Andorra but 3 points! Cyprus as well winning is huge. Set optimism levels to maximum.
  5. MacLovin

    BOTU Signup thread

    I'm in, feeling confident this time…
  6. MacLovin

    The 2014 NFL Thread

    Cheers McMaster, I'm looking into getting the Game Pass this season. Although the 'blackouts' put me off or is just when that is on sky its not shown live on Game pass?
  7. MacLovin

    The 2014 NFL Thread

    I've only just recently heard of the show 'Hard Knocks' is there anywhere to watch it online or purchase a DVD set?
  8. MacLovin

    The 2014 NFL Thread

    Raiders fan here! Been into NFL quite a few years now but never really gotten into it. By that i mean knowing the players and plays etc. Quite excited for this season, hoping to watch more games. What is the best way to learn more about the game?
  9. MacLovin

    Depression (and other Mental Illness)

    Just been reading through this now and have found it very very helpful. Started suffering from panic attacks originally from stress but now has developed into health anxiety, so looking at ways to overcome this illness. Discovering this thread has been brilliant, so thank you
  10. What would be a good 2 player game? EG Rivals, Title Challengers, Same City Teams etc…
  11. MacLovin

    Clwb Pêl Droed Caersws

    Have you thought about taking over another club in Wales to try and topple your own dominance? Now that would be some challenge!
  12. MacLovin

    Clwb Pêl Droed Caersws

    Loving this, how are the other welsh teams doing in Europe? It's a shame a tycoon hasn't come in for a welsh team now and tried to challenge you knowing they go directly into group stage of CL.
  13. MacLovin

    Clwb Pêl Droed Caersws

    Has the TV money/league position prize money increased with the higher rep of the WPL now?
  14. MacLovin

    GTA Online: The OTF Crew thread

    I was wondering if you guys could help, just joined a server with my mates but after 2 minutes it says everyone leaves and im left on my own. My internet is fine and doesnt disconnect
  15. MacLovin

    Odd coincidence

    What are the chances of that…