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  1. telling your friends that you'd make a great real life manager if only given the chance.... using your fm legendary saves on your actual CV?
  2. when debating football with friends, saying something idiotic like "he's playing great recently, scored in his last five league starts". then realising this is from one of your fm saves and hes been crocked out injured for the best part of the season in RL This one is not me its my buddy and his wife..... when saturday night has become "their night" and no gaming is allowed. brought in specifically because she thought she was losing him to FM
  3. :confused:my approach to tactics is more or less, get the best coaches possible and let them work their magic with the players. assign a coach, where possible, one area of training each. my players attributes always rise but i fear not as much as if i set players their own assignments. any fool proof ones for defense? midfield? attack? help!:confused:
  4. a friend of mine wore a suit for his fa cup final, that made me laugh when he told me Instead of counting sheep when i cant sleep I try and name all the players in my team This thread has made me realise im not crazy, other think this much about FM! i was afraid to tellpeople i gave imaginary press conferences!
  5. you didnt go out for your girlfriends birthday, as this was the final straw, the relationship had to end. the look on her face as you tried to explain that you had to sort out your set piece settings and decided you needed a new coach for this area was priceless....
  6. mad love man, only problem is a few injuries, but from what ive gathered so far inuries are more frequent anyway
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