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  1. Metal_Guitarist's FM10 Update

    you edited Louis van Gaal as the Assistant Manager of Bayern München in the Final Version. lol* and Gerland Hermann as the Manager.. in the first version it was right. but anyway, most of the rest is a solid update..
  2. Anyone else seen this before?

    sorry for OT, but which skin is that? i really like it back to topic.. never saw that with people from the same country, but with badboys like balotelli everything could happen
  3. England-Overrated

    so, i say Germany is underrated.. IRL Germany performs much better in WC & EC.. (EVERY TIME!!!!!!) And a lot of good players in the Bundesliga are technically or at CA/PA totally underrated compared to real life. But maybe is it just because Si Games didnt have the rights for the Bundesliga & the Nationalmannschaft.. (damn EA sports ) or its because you english guys hate us, i dont know.. ^^
  4. like in real life in Barcelona! ^^ Dzeko is a huge player, which performs great in the most of (but not every) savegames. ---- Cristiano Ronaldo is a underperformer in a lot of saves. Fernando Torres, too Edit: Mesut Özil is not that strong in the first 1-2 seasons. CA: 144 or something He really needs time to develope.
  5. but, thats not how it should be! i saw that some time ago and wondered if Si Games ever noticed it! in a lot of my save games many german top clubs or the nationalsquad have absolut awful managers. i dont think thats a bug, maybe Si Games totally missed it. whats the Point if in 2040 every third division coach have the same PA (skills) like all the Top Club Managers? hope they change that for 2011.
  6. Your Best Players for FM11

    your post is a big joke, too!!! Bastian Schweinsteiger definetly needs a boost.. He is one of the best DM/CM in the world at the moment.. Not just because of the WC, he played a great season at Bayern Munich and his Talent was undisputed before.. His PA is at 150 at the moment, he should be around 177 - 183. Müller is ok at FM 2010, but maybe he deserves a little boost, too.. ----------------------------------------------------- Marko Marin´s PA in FM 2010 is fine but his technical attributes are better in RL. Sami Khedira is much faster in RL than in the Game. And some of the biggest Talents in Germany like Lewis Holtby, Sandro Wagner or Mats Hummels are underrated.
  7. Your Profile Picture

    so, you play as Pierluigi Collina!
  8. already footman 2009 supported i7 cores, but i dont know if it is really faster than normal quad cores. look at my 8 core power in fm09 edit: and here a pic from the fm10 demo:
  9. I think in Germany the Karlsruher SC is a sleeping giant, formed players like Oliver Kahn, Mehmet Scholl & Thomas Hässler. Dont forget the 7:0 win against Valencia in the uefa cup 1993. other sleeping giants i remember are, dynamo dresden & fortuna düsseldorf
  10. German Regionalliga

    because you can add as much leagues down you want, i bet there will be a fan data update for the regionalliga, maybe bezirksliga usw.. :-)
  11. and if there would be a separate attribute or parameter for trainers on how much they play with young players?? but i think its not that easy to include that.. if you look for real managers, there are a few who just or mostly put in young footballers. for example: Arsene Wenger, Felix Magath, Ralf Rangnick.. etc... but if you watch in FM, a lot of these trainers let play more older footballers
  12. CD Key für FM 2009

    wth?? you lost the key and you lost the bill??? where you bought it, pirate bay? lawl*
  13. jap, good thread.. thats really one of the major issues for longtime playability in fm10.. in patch 9.1 or 9.2 it looked just fine, but at patch 9.3 it was absolute horrible.. to much bad newgens. at about 2025 there are just a handful of high class talents with PA about 176+ but everyone of it had worse attributes (key or not, mental, physical) and that in every savegame i started. there are a lot of old players, playing till 35 years and all the young talents rest there carrier in the reserve teams. and there is no change, i gave more than 100 teams a youth acadamy and set it up to 20. still the same bad thing...
  14. Germany national team

    these are the real players, same stats, but fake names... use the fake inc. file, when its released and you got the original german national team(mannschaft) ^^
  15. Marquinhos

    there are two Marquinhos in FM. the one you mean, is a winger/midfielder/striker from palmeiras. but there is a second one: OM/S from Internacional(i think)