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  1. 42 years at Rhyll, followed immediately on that save with 19 years at Celtic
  2. Considering it's a microsoft product i sincerely doubt they'd mind
  3. It removes injuries, but it doesnt heal fitness yet, he said he forgot to add that in
  4. I noticed someone with Vista 64 said it wouldn't work, my friend who has Vista 64 can't get it to work either, perhaps that's a cause of the problem?
  5. Ok, cheers pal, just wondering thanks and kutgw!
  6. Can i just ask, is the "heal all" button supposed to put players condition to 100%? cos if so it doesn't seem to work. And also, Ruci, if i go to a player's contract screen, the "type" comes up in what i assume to be portuguese.
  7. What operating system are you on? If you're on vista, right click fmrte.exe and choose run as administrator
  8. He said he extracted it to a folder
  9. It takes about a minute to launch on mine, try giving it a chance to load up? Also, look in your task manager and see if fmrte.exe is there, if it is, right click and press close, and try loading it up again.
  10. Definitely, i'll keep it on the down low thanks for the upload
  11. Is it wrong to say i love you? lol thanks!
  12. Would anyone please be willing to upload the program to rapidshare please? Bracasoft is filtered for some reason at my college Thanks for the work ruci!
  13. Is it working for anyone else? :S I'm just getting the "FMRTE has stopped working"
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