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  1. Going to sound incredibly picky here. the new regen faces do look better than FM19 but they really look like plastic action men heads now.
  2. First time in a while I feel a tad underwhelmed. Granted SI don't usually show all their cards at once but this all feels like quite minor QOL improvements overall. I love the new development centre idea and some of the regen faces look much better but I play on 2D so I'll probably not see much of the graphic enhancements. And granted they could still do something focused on ME changes but if they'd made big strides in how games play out I would have thought they'd lead with that as a headline feature.
  3. Suspect it wont happen but I'd love some dedicated multi monitor support.
  4. If this is hinting at a revamp of the social media as a big focus then I'm pretty zoned out. I set every new game to skip the social media page, does absolutely nothing for me. Granted if it's your bag then great but there are other areas that are much bigger deal breakers for me.
  5. SI probably have the stats on their user base that have multi monitor setups. I suspect that they look at it not being worth the development vs how big a target base there is for it. It'd be nice as someone with dual monitors but I doubt we see it anytime soon.
  6. End of my 2nd season and just had PSG activate Williams 72m release clause. He's been decent for me but hardly a world beater. Now I have a budget of 96m and not sure what to do with any of it. Madrid wont budge on their 88m release clause for Odriozola, Oyarzabal wont talk to me regardless of what I do or who I get to talk to him.
  7. I think this is a skinning question. Is it possible to automatically or with a button have completed board requests cleared from the board room screen? Granted it can be helpful to see what you've done in the past few months but once you have a big list of things dating back years I'd like to clean it up if possible. Any help from those in the know would be appreciated. Cheers.
  8. I get that this is quite subjective but I've found (and have seen others pointing out) that gegenpressing is pretty overpowered.
  9. Has anything been done to our ability to skin things? I don't wish to be a Debbie downer but I really don't like all the purple.
  10. I take it that you can still tweak within a chosen style? The choice of tiki-taka, wing play etc aren't fixed are they, you can still go in and fine tune things?
  11. A minor one. I wondered if it was possible to use some kind of conditional clause that would colour the staff numbers if you have more or fewer than the board advises? Take my U19 coaches. I started the game with 7 but it's advised I have 6. is it possible to colour the 7 in red but green if it were 5?
  12. Seems a random time to announce no physical copies (if that's what it is). Feels like something they could have just addressed in the new FM features videos they do.
  13. Took me a while to get over playing the game with regens. I get it's an essential mechanic of the game but for the longest time I used to lose interest when the majority of real players were gone. Now on my 12th season with Bilbao and loving it.
  14. Is this going to be another Asia only thing to start with? Haven't played the touch version once . I get through classic FM pretty quickly but I'll give this a bash if it get's released here.
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