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  1. No idea honestly but I'll have a look Just comparing ME to ME though, no change in my setup defensively I am conceding noticeably more goals from corners and free kicks.
  2. Seen it posted in bugs already but I've seen a dramatic increase in goals conceded from set pieces on the Beta ME.
  3. Bit late to it this year but just kicked off my yearly Athletic save. Sancet, Vivan and Vencedor look good prospects this year (currently got them all on loan) Wondered what people's experience and ceilings were with these three. The only three I've brought in so hopefully they develop well. Oroz Rodri Vazquez Fingers crossed have a good first season then I'll go in for Merino, he was fantastic for me last year. Also has Unai López has a bit of a boost this year? he looks better than what I remember.
  4. 3D modelling isn't my specialist area but I'd imagine creating a pack of 3D faces every month or so is very different from having to generate hundreds if not thousands on the fly within the game. I don't disagree that regen faces like these would be awesome but the system/mechanics SI have in place right now fit a purpose.
  5. As I'm aware the custom hair for regens no longer work once SI moved to regen faces being 3D models.
  6. Does anyone know how to clear the list of recent game setups? Mine is currently full of setups that always tell me they cant be loaded and I have to go through the load/select each time. Are these stored in an XML file somewhere? Cheers
  7. There's my skin for FM20 then. Awesome, Cheers.
  8. Not a fan of the new board room screen in FM20 Does anyone know if the panel highlighted below is anywhere in FM20 or if it can be put in at all? I used to find it super useful to get a quick overview of where I could hire staff/asks for new ones. Cheers.
  9. My bad, I'd accidentally dragged some XML files from another skin into the folder. Keep up the good work.
  10. Worked a charm, thank you. The skin's awesome by the way. Just one more thing of note when you go to select set-piece takers, the attributes are impossible to see (for me at least) for the majority of my players.
  11. Some people get p**sed off when their tactic that's won for 10+ games suddenly doesn't deliver results. I'm not saying it's right or wrong (everyone plays their own way) but some players just want to load a tactic and win consistently. Short of something that exploits the ME the opposition will start to alter how they play against you as you so you will need to change things up now and then, and I think that's great.
  12. Is there anyway between updates to change the colour of the line on the attribute analyser? it's white at the moment and it's really hard to see.
  13. I have posted this in the bugs section but I've gotten no feedback. Is the FM20 archiver working properly for everyone? mine straight up wont launch. The FM 19 version still loads fine however. Done all the usual verifying files/deleting preferences & cache, uninstall/reinstall but no luck. I've also tried uninstalling everything from FM19 in case there's some conflict but to no avail. I have no idea if this has any bearing on my issue but when I look in the local files of the resource archiver for each year 2019 has 8 files and loads fine, 2020 has 57 files and doesn't run. Any help or guidance would be great. Cheers. Edit: game and editor working fine.
  14. I have no idea if this has any bearing on my issue but when I look in the local files of the resource archiver for each year 2019 has 8 files and loads fine, 2020 has 57 files and doesn't run.
  15. Multiple times. I just see a quick flash of a dialogue box/UI window and nothing every time I try to lunch it.
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