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  1. The calculation of clear-cut chances post update is rather sizeable. Pre-update I wasn't playing great football, 1/2 CCC a game. Post-update I've had 9/7/11 in my first 3 games.
  2. You can still negotiate existing affiliates and add these aspects to them this year.
  3. Imagine having to move the entire f**king Olympic games
  4. This is gonna be weird as f**k Goldberg v Reigns with 0 fans
  5. Looks like E3 is getting cancelled too by all reports.
  6. Guessing that's that for the ME but a major gripe I've run into is teams just passing the ball across their defence for the majority of the game. Even if I happen to be a goal or two up the opposition just seem content to rack up passes amongst their back four. These are fairly common occurrences for me (playing as RB Leipzig) Even going full on Gegenpress my players rarely force a tackle or mistake for strings and strings of passes.
  7. Load time for my game with a pre 20.3.0 DB seems to have increased quite a lot. EDIT: and saving time
  8. I've posted this in bug for clarification but I though I'd ask here too. Currently in 2021 and there is a 16 year old Spanish winger playing at San Lorenzo, Argentina. I can enter transfer/contract negotiations with him but he wont be able to join me till he's 18 in 2023. Will he just gain Basque nationality or is that only for U16 players? He would have been in Argentina for 18 years bu the time he finally joins me. Follow up: I holidayed to the day he signed and he immediately gained Basque as a second nationality and now has Spanish as his nationality and Basque
  9. I saw goals like this pretty often on the recent Beta. 3 years in on my Bilbao save and I've seen the majority of my goals from central through balls. I am not seeing any of the issues people are bringing up regarding central play
  10. You can set required playing time, training facility level and wage contribution for allowing players to go on loan so presumably one of these isn't met. I think it may take into account the level the club are playing at too.
  11. As per the title. If I select a specific pre-match focus multiple times in a week does it stack or would it just be wasting training time? Cheers.
  12. No idea honestly but I'll have a look Just comparing ME to ME though, no change in my setup defensively I am conceding noticeably more goals from corners and free kicks.
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