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  1. I'm playing FMC2015 on ipad2, any thoughts?
  2. Been meaning to post for a while, I'm many seasons into a save and all players are bald. Is there a fix? Don't want to lose my game. Thanks
  3. Cheers again. Alaric, used a track that enables you to sell any player for £150m. Did that a couple of times, wage budget massive and virtually anyone signs for £100k+ per week.
  4. Not going on holiday. Playing FM12, latest version as it was downloaded on 23/12/11. Cheers.
  5. Apologies if repeating earlier thread, where is the , match sound? Big part of it is the noise, cheering booing etc but nothing on the iPad? Is it just me or can this be turned on? If not, anyone else miss it?
  6. Fair point but a semi world 11 playing together for a year should be able to beat plymouth etc! Just curious if others had experienced other oddities. Thanks
  7. Tried a little experiment and have created a "dream team" at Bury in league 1 - team of Tevez, neymar, schweinstiger, lloris etc (yes I cheated to get the money) my point is they play like they are league 1 players and not bull dozing their way. The team s vastly superior yet odd results, iPad scoring with only shot etc. Anyone else have funnies that don't quite add up?
  8. Just started paying it and my commens are: - match game sounds, really miss it - next game button / auto continue - some form of teamtalk as swearing at my iPad is having no impact - loanee updates would be good - easy way to scroll through players, swiping rather than back, select etc Great game
  9. Does the current version have an editor? Will the next version?
  10. Any suggestions where you can get comp logo as EPL, FA Cup etc not included. any pointers for facepacks or good grpahic sites cheers
  11. Is there an editor included as per previous versions? Can't see it if it is