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  1. thank you for the advice, did that and restarted the game and worked a treat
  2. can anyone tell me how i get the face packs to work because after the latest patch update they've all disapeared in the game.
  3. thank you for your reply michael.... i usually save the game on my c drive... but when i want to save the game it says cant save file, theres plenty of room onit, on previous games i click on the run as administrator i i saved the games... but when i installed this game, i dont have that option.
  4. Hi, can someone tell me why i cant save my games....when i goto save the game... a message comes up saying cant save game, is there something im doin wrong, hope you can help...thank you in advanced.
  5. hi, can someone tell me how i can save the game, when i click on to save the game it comes up with could not save game. thanx in advance
  6. tom how do i get the face packs to work with your skin, ive downloaded the mega pack and put the folder into the graphics folder and they dont show in the game... is there something else i need to do to make them work.
  7. can anyone tell me how you get the facepaks to work with the steklo skin ... ive donloaded the mega pack and they dont show up in the game... but ive managed to get the stadium and logo pics to work thanak you in advanced.
  8. can anyone tell me how i get facepack to work, i donwloaded the mega pack then put the folder in the graphics folder and they don't show in game... thanx advanced.
  9. hi can anyone tell me how to install graphics on fm13.... ive put my logos,facepack in the graphics folder but there still not showing up in the game, im usring steklo x3 skin... hope you can help me.... thanx in advance
  10. thanx for ur reply, u mean the file that ive extracted using winrar
  11. thanx for ur help, i'll give it ago, ive just tried it and still won't show, when ive downloaded it, should the file be plain white because mine come's up with the notepad icon in which to open it in, thanx
  12. can some1 help me, ive the tactic into the folder but when i click on import, the folder isnt there, is there something else i need to do for it to work, thanx in advance
  13. y cant i get the tactics folder into the game, ive put the tactics file into the tactics folder but i doesn't show when i click on import, hope u can help, thanx in advance
  14. hi, hope u can help, ive the the tactic into the tactics folder and when i go into tactics then manage tactics, its not there is there somethin wrong im doin, when ive downloaded the a tactic it shows the notepad symbol, hope u can help thanx in advance
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