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    Started up with CM Italia, bought FM 20 after opting out since FM 13.

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    Some time in the 90s I suggested that SI mask attributes for unknown players

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  1. Am I missing something? I've been trying to set up a Bielsa-Leeds tactic, so use Extremely Urgent Pressing. I went through all the roles and duties for AML and AMR and chose Trequartista for both purely because they have "Standard" pressing and the most i could get for any other role was "Less Urgent" pressing. The wide Trequartistas seem pretty defensively sound to me, and their positioning in possession has been great.
  2. IRL Leeds United have conceded a goal to the first shot on target in each of their last five matches.
  3. Which version was it where you could set every instruction for every player on individual sliders, and then set their precise position on the field depending on position and possession of the ball? It was a time-sucking exercise in futility for me. Personally I think the current version with mentalities, roles and duties is an enormous improvement
  4. I like PIs on the DCs to close down less to minimise holes at the back.
  5. Sounds like shorter passing is in order. I prefer DM(S) or DLP(S) unless the opposition formation is top-heavy. I also like to have both wide men cutting in (IF or IW) and the fullbacks providing the width.
  6. I don't think you need to worry about having a central midfielders with a More Direct Passes PPM. If they have enough vision they'll do it anyway. FWIW (and I don't consider myself an expert) I don't like the IWB and IF set-up on the right at all, as they're both cutting in. I'd go for a WB(S). And I think you only need the Anchorman if the opposition has two or three strikers.
  7. I have since tried training players to Round the Keeper, but my staff don't want to train anyone with a reasonably high Finishing attribute. I've got an MC-AP type and an AML-W type trained to do it, but haven't seen them end up 1-1 yet.
  8. I have a theory that the solution is a forward with the PM to round the keeper: but I haven't been acquired or trained one yet
  9. I can open it in Microsoft Office. I had to copy and paste the Position and Role - Duty fields, but it works. Thanks!
  10. I have no experience or insight with a libero, but I look forward to reading about your experience. Obviously you'll need the right player: Beckenbauer might not be up to it anymore!
  11. Thanks. I am trying a similar tactic. I have played a few games with Mezz(A), AP(S) and BWM. I decided today that I should try a strike on support duty with IF(A). I hope it goes well
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