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  1. Returning after a 6 year absence. Do I need to apply a real name fix as well as this update or does the update do that anyway? Thanks for all your work
  2. Hi I have finally sourced a Nexus 9 and want to get FM Touch 2017 for the android. How do I go about doing this? Thanks
  3. I also uploaded it to FM Base, the file can be found here http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=8032
  4. Hiya mate, Many thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. RE your comments, yeah Phil Neville is my bad, I was`nt quite sure how to stop him being a player but thinking about it, its probably the reverse process of what I did to bring Ashton out of retirement (I`m a West Ham fan and I still haven't accepted he had to retire ) Yeah some players just were not in the database, I did create a few along the way. I`ve started a game as Rangers (quite the challenge ) on the first international call ups the squads are a lot more realistic so that's all good. I have taken note about the fina
  5. FM 2011 update!! This started off as a personal project but there has been some demand for this file so here it is. Includes full update to English League and the MLS. Promotion and Relegation`s worldwide All major transfers done worldwide including manager changes. Overhaul of clubs ownerships - i.e. Monaco and PSG Overhaul of thousands of player stats - CA + PA. In total there are 144570 changes to the SI 11.3.0 update. You will need the official SI 11.3.0 update to use this database. Place the downloaded file in your Sports Interactive folder (usually in My Documents) - Football
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