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  1. Hi I have finally sourced a Nexus 9 and want to get FM Touch 2017 for the android. How do I go about doing this? Thanks
  2. Was about to set this up - You beat me to it! Joined. Won a fair few of these OTF Leagues so up for the challenge
  3. Overall about 100th in the Mirror, I knew the OTF league was tied up so I went all out for Brazil in the 3rd/4th place play off in a hope of a cash prize and lets just say it backfired a little bit
  4. Whoop Whoop I`ve won the McFifa and and Mirror OTF Leagues! A proud moment. Looking forward to a few days rest, FPL should launch tomorrow though
  5. Had to take a massive gamble in trying to go for the 10k. Its backfired, I just hope I can hold onto first place in the OTF league now
  6. Well that's pretty much ended my hopes of winning the whole thing I reckon. Going for the double now for the OTF Mirror and McFifa games. No one saw 7 goals coming so I'm not being too hard on myself!
  7. Going into the final 4 games 2nd in the world. Going from playing the Champions League games semi finals can be very hit and miss. It really is a game of luck now Fantasy wise. The 3rd 4th place play off game could be interesting, especially if reserve players get run outs etc. Actually spoke with with the game operators today as my team name might cause some issues should I actually win the thing and the 10 grand!
  8. That`s damn unlucky mate Ive been a bit fortunate tonight, Alves was dropped so I`ll get Boaeteng off the bench, If that's added in i`ll be back in third, I need the dutch and Robben to do the business tomorrow night!
  9. Nervous times ahead still third overall, which is a cash money prize position, but after much thought tonight, i`m going to go for it. I could play safe and stay in third, or take a gamble for the 10 grand. With a week to go, 8 games left, and the fact that it will be hard to close once the semi`s are here as so many people will have the same players, i`m going to go balls deep and risk a lot in the quarter finals!! If I don`t I guess i`ll always regret it!
  10. Luis Suarez has played well, Robben has impressed although I have a feeling its RVP`s time vs Costa Rica. Standout player so far is clearly James. Scored in every game, can it get any better?
  11. Massive overreaction by most on here. Its just a little nibble in the heat of the moment. One match ban at best
  12. Opened up a bit of a lead in the Mundial League. Long way to go. On a bit of form at the minute, 2nd in the World in the Mirror game. Surely I can`t keep this up
  13. Up to second in the world in the Mirror game. I can taste the £10,000 prize money Still 7 players to go this round too. Will drop tomorrow as I only have Suarez playing, Just hope I can keep up the pace. I`m doing it for all of OTF!
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