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  1. Enjoyed the short ED. Hope to see the return of Owain Williams soon too
  2. Wow. I think the only appropriate response to that is holy crap. Gotta wonder though is she being genuine or is this another longer game to get at kyle?
  3. Come on!!! Can't leave it hanging there. Hope the sounders get the win for Jackie.
  4. Wow. What a start. Really enjoyed Kyle in the other series. Will be interesting to see how this season pans out. Will the Flying Circus be on the pitch or off it i wonder? Can't wait to find out
  5. Just had a look on my game, and his stats are identical to the screenshot. So appears to be set stats as opposed to random. Good find, going to see if he fancies joining me
  6. Compelly 10-3, i just don't know how you do it. The emphasis on 'over' in the last sentece makes me think it isn't actually over, and i look forward to it
  7. You know i was feeling quite annoyed about not being able to get to sleep, but a new installment of the rat Pack certainly makes a sleepless night alot easier. Loving the end of season run-in, especially with everything seemingly coming to a head. There's this part of me that wonders if some of the story aspects from this season will be back next season. McGuire doesn't seem like the type to just go away, even with a court action against him (should it go Patty and Rob's way of course), and i think the same can be said of Richmond. And lets not forget the emails from Kate, is she going to try and drive a wedge between Rob and Patty? So many questions, and i can't wait for the answers. I look forward to the next enthralling part of this amazing story.
  8. Great writing as always 10-3, and i continue to look forward to each and every installment. It's good to see Rob has at least 1 ally in football when it comes to the fight against Richmond
  9. Your not wrong Salkster. Liverpool had to go from the 1st qualifying round, and weren't seeded either, hence how they ended up in the same group as Chelsea that season. Everton were knocked out in the 3rd qualifying round, and therefore went in to the UEFA Cup. As for the story 10-3, seriously compelling. Before i go to work every morning, i check for new installments in the Rat Pack saga. KUTGW
  10. Is anything ever going to go right in Rob's life. I can see there being hell to pay, because he's gonna blame macguire for this
  11. Brilliant writing 10-3, always look forward to the next post of yours, just to see what twists and turns you're gonna throw in
  12. Great writing as always 10-3, this is the only story I've read that has actually gripped me. Always look out for it when i get home from work
  13. Absolutely loving the story 10-3. Incredible story telling, just to prove how addictive and immersive you've made the story and characters; I was sat at work today and my mind wandered into what was going to happen next lol
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