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  1. Great! thanks, ill give it a bash n hopefully i wont need anymore help. Cheers!
  2. I have an application sharing item setup on my router for my laptop that covers steam games and the only FM thing i could see was the old 'Champ man' one. if niether of these cover the ports i need to open then i know there is a web page somewhere that tells me exactly how to setup my ports. Could you put the link on your reply please if ok? Also, if my ports are all setup correctly but my friends are not then would he still be able to join me if i was the host?
  3. Me and my friend are trying to start an online game. I am on BT home hub and my friend is on sky router (Both wireless) I know my IP address and my ports should be fine as i can remove my firewall if neccissary. I am going to my friends house today to try and open his ports etc. I am wondering if when i have done this it it would work? Also, the IP address that appears on the game shows my address then a space a space again and another address. (Basically it isn't exactly the same as my router address.) We have been wanting to get this sorted for a while and if me opening his ports doesnt work then im running out of ideas. We tried Hamachi aswell and that did nothing... Please help lol
  4. Me and my friend are trying to setup a network game. However it keeps saying unable to connect to server when trying to join a game. then the game shuts down and the only way to reactivate it is to restart the computer. We have tried turning off our separate firewalls, and i have made my wireless connection into an open one incase that was the problem. The run as server box has been ticked on both systems aswell. Is there any help u can offer please we are both extremely frustrated... Thankyou