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    The Official England World Cup Thread

    I read an interview with Stuart Pearce and I think he makes a great point. The article is here for those who haven't seen it:http://talksport.com/football/other-countries-must-look-england-and-laugh-stuart-pearces-damning-verdict-after-uruguay Obviously this isn't the answer to all of England's problems, there are MANY MANY other issues that have lead us here (standards of youth development, number of foreign players etc) but surely it must be something that can help the players deal with these tournament situations?
  2. The reason I play FM is because it is the exact OPPOSITE of what you just said!
  3. I noticed this too, but when I went to a match report for my u20s and clicked on their formation it showed that they were playing my first-team tactics. I guess it just doesnt show in the tactics screen.
  4. I kept getting the message "This game is currently unavailable" on steam, and after doing this its all working fine now. Thanks Michael!