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    Studying Italian and French, with a desire for a university course in Football Manager.

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    Dumfries/Glasgow Scotland


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    Adore Football, playing and watching and FM. Goin out with friends, having a drink or 3. Studying.

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    The mighty Celtic!!!!
  1. FM2009: Official Glasgow Celtic

    JazzCapone...I actually thought some wee Ork's fan came on here tryin to noise us up with that annoying little face using up the screen! Looking deeper into it...get it round ye nacho ya ratboy! Fantastic mate. Hail Hail.
  2. Mine reserved it, bought it, AND went to pick up for me. A lovely birthday. After a quick "thank-you" cup of tea, she left for her class at uni. This was all before 11am. She deserves credit. Needless to say i've hardly seen her, but FM comes first as we know. lol.
  3. Celtic, Celtic, Celtic. Aim is to win the champs league with them. Wasn't able to do it in 5 years in current game (Arsenal are rats) when i left for pastures new. Make them the best in the world, then move on. Scotland, Italy, Spain, France and England shall be my leagues...
  4. Tutoring Issue

    Another thing about tutoring...there are too many arguments between players. I mean, who wouldn't get on with Messi? Why are the youngsters ego's on this game so high that they choose to pick on the one of the best players in the game? I do love it though...sigh.
  5. how good is john fleck?

    I don't have much experience. I'm in 2016/2017, and have just signed him for my three-in-a-row Champions League team, Juventus. He moved to Sunderland on a free, and then would you believe it,Celtic,my former team,which i left in a quality financial position, they spent 12m on him. The reason i looked at him was, although my manager attributes are very high, my domestic player attribute was 4, so i looked to see if i could bring in some classic Scots. Although an ex-ranger, which i'm never keen on buying cos i'm a biased hoop, it turned out he had score 30-odd in 40 games and his record at Sunderland was not far off that AND he had Celtic as his favoured club. Just started the season and he's fitting in lovely. Although my team played really well for the past few seasons, him and Floris from Fiorentina have really made my team attack more convincingly and with some speed. He's worth a shot, a good striker, works well with Bojan and Balotelli. Train him well from the beginning he's prob the best Scottish player out there.
  6. Does your missus moan

    My gf is pretty decent...when i say i was up till 4 she instantly asks "how are the boys" or something like that...i always tell her my career earnings and she dreams on...
  7. I can always remember Djalminha (moany bugger) and Florentin Petre going in the first few weeks to someone decent in CM00/01. Edmundo was another moany sod. Ronaldinho was quality in that game, as was Roque santa cruz if i remember.
  8. Agree with the majority. Get AS MUCH through FM08 as possible cos FM09 is gonna take up more room in my life than ever before, i'm expecting big things, even with 3D not looking as silly as i thought it would,it looks pretty decent. i cannot wait.
  9. Female Managers

    "Right lads, hit the showers". Although unrealistic in the REAL football world, there are a good few female players playing FM, so it's just fair that they get the option to be themselves. You never know, there could be a few romances formed on FMLive.
  10. I like this thread, cos you can think about when and where you've played it...almost like where you would take a girlfriend on a date... So, many a bus and train journey, waiting in airports (finding a plug was a nightmare at one point), in bars and cafés, classes at uni, in the garden, in the bath, in bed, in the car (not driving), during parties. Probably the weirdest one was when i was going home for the weekend on the bus (not a fantastic place) and it was a Friday night so the bus was packed. I sat beside this guy a little older than myself, and when we got on the motorway, at the exact same time got out our lap-tops and played FM08. Well, there was pandemonium i tell you all, 2 and a half hours discussing players, tactics and 4-2-4's, both batteries run out, possibly one of the most blissful moments of our lives. gay, but true, and i wouldn't change those moments for anything...maybe a free Fm09...
  11. Alessandro Del Piero. Legend that boy is.
  12. For or against Che Guevara

    Che Guevara is a legend. Not because he is on t-shirts, or every half-camp man's manbag...he is a freedom fighter, a man who made a sacrifice for his people.
  13. ...you know you're addicted to football manager when you leave a party in the flat upstairs just to install FM08.
  14. Che Guevara - wtf?

    Beautifully put indeed.